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Friday, December 21, 2007

New Progressive Blogger!!!

A friend of mine and a woman I admire greatly has joined us in the WI Progressive Blogosphere!

Her name is Mary Glass and she's a real dynamo!

Check out her blog here .

Her comments on the documentary "Making of Milwaukee" and it's lack of meaningful discussion about the roles of minorities in the making of Milwaukee echoed my own thoughts about the much touted documentary as I watched it.

I can finally stop telling people I'm the only female progressive african american political blogger in Wisconsin (although I do always give a nod to my friend at Sister Talk who's insight is brilliant, but has a slightly different perspective than mine :)

YEEEAAAHHH!!!! The more the merrier! We need more voices out here and I'm so thrilled to have Mary join us!

On another friend note. To my friend on the dark side of the blogosphere, welcome to your new addition to the family! She will bring you much joy!

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