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Thursday, January 03, 2008

American Youth In Full REBELLION!

For decades, the mantra has been if youth would vote, the world would change...

In Iowa tonight, youth were 57% of the Democratic caucusers and THE WORLD CHANGED!

I have written before about a generational divide between the supporters of Obama (youth) and Clinton (boomers).

Tonight that divide became a huge gap.

We've seen glimpses of the coming revolution (Nov 2006 elections) and the boomers in particular have ignored it or said, "They won't vote, they never do..."

I finally have a prediction to make in 2008. Youth will vote in historic numbers in primaries, spring general elections, and ultimately in November and the results will stun the world!

Bravo to the next generation (I'll forever be stuck in the generation between the boomers and these awesome souls)!

When half the boomers became born again, they forever split the power of their numbers right down the middle and the "me" generation may have finally met their match: the "WE generation".

The historic events of tonight's win by Barack Obama in Iowa cannot be understated. His speech brought me to tears. As far as Dems go, I picked my candidate pretty early (a month ago LOL), there's NO turning back! We've started a "hope" revolution and it's immensely exciting to be a part of it!


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