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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Obama vs Clinton: I think I get it now...

I think I've figured out what happened in Iowa and the talking heads are totally missing the difference in New Hampshire tonight.

This is the bottom line:

In Iowa, the disaffected republicans and independents crossed over and voted for Obama.
In NH, they stayed with the Republican party and voted for McCain.

Almost as many reps voted in NH as dems... The reps were swamped in Iowa.

About 114000 more dem caucus voters to only 43000 more dem primary voters (as of the numbers when I last checked)...

This is a very dangerous moment for dems. McCain could be the party pooper for the democratic party in 2008. This is a stunningly different viewpoint in America.

The disaffected would not caucus with Huckabee and went to Obama instead, but when alone in a booth, they readily voted for McCain who had little organization in Iowa to pull them to him.

If we don't figure out how to get the disaffected independents from the McCain campaign, we will see this in November regardless of who the party nominee is, but what really scares me is although the disaffected were willing to go with Obama in Iowa (these unhappy reps will be few and far between in the Clinton campaign regardless), they also may have found their candidate in McCain.

How exciting is this election?

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