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Friday, February 29, 2008

Crawford to Speak at National Lawyers Guild Midwest Regional Meetup in Madison Tonight on Voting Rights

National Lawyers Guild Midwest Regional Meetup
All events at UW Law School, unless otherwise noted.

Friday, February 29, 2008

7:00 PM Panel #1: The Law of Democracy: We Want You!

Law students, lawyers, scholars, and organizers: We need you.
A new movement is happening in the United States, a democracy movement. People in all areas of life are beginning, once again, to demand more than a share of the spoils -- from the ballot box to the classroom, from the workplace to military bases -- people are winning reforms that grow democratic power. These new democratic reforms involve new laws and legal strategies, and require a reinvigorated democratic legal tradition.
This session will address many of the cutting edge democratic reforms raised by the new democracy movement, including voting rights initiatives such as IRV and felon re-enfranchisement; the expansion of local democracy through participatory budgeting, sanctuary cities, direct legislation and home rule; efforts to democratize education by winning the right to organize student unions; and current campaigns to nullify corporate personhood, defederalize the National Guard, among others. All of these exciting reforms involve new law and new legal theory. Law students, lawyers, scholars, and organizers: We need you.

Brandon Lacy Campos is associate director of Liberty Tree.
Renee Crawford is associate director of the Wisconsin ACLU.
Sarah Manski is chair of the TAA/AFT 3220 Labor Solidarity Committee.
Ben Manski is a Wisconsin attorney and executive director of Liberty Tree.

Saturday, March 1, 2008
9:00-9:30 AM Registration
Coffee and Donuts, UW Law School Atrium

9:30-10:30 AM
Panel #2: Immigration: Unique opportunities, unique challenges.

Immigrants are needed to keep our economy moving, and will continue to play a crucial role as economists suggest there will be a serious labor shortage come 2020. With the exponentially increasing population of immigrants in Midwest, the legal community has been called upon to face the challenges that a broken immigration system has created. Immigrants, both documented and undocumented, face a barrage of unique challenges such as employers who refuse to pay up, an increased rate of on-the-job injury and local sheriff departments attempting to enforce immigration law. This panel will focus on certain legal needs of the Midwest immigrant community, the challenges of meeting these needs for lawyers and community organizations, and strategies for overcoming such challenges.

Patrick Hickey is the Director of the Workers Rights Center in Madison, WI
Stacy Taeuber is an immigration attorney in Madison, WI
Aaron Halstead practices employment law and is a shareholder with the law firm of Hawks Quindel Ehlke & Perry, S.C in Madison, WI.

Screening of Justice is STILL a Constant Struggle & Keynote Speaker - Matthew Rothschild:

Matthew Rothschild is the editor of The Progressive magazine, which is one of the leading voices for peace and social justice in this country. Rothschild has appeared on Nightline, C-SPAN, The O'Reilly Factor, and NPR, and his newspaper commentaries have run in the Chicago Tribune, the L.A. Times, the Miami Herald, and a host of other newspapers. Rothschild is also the author of a book entitled You Have No Rights: Stories of America in Our Repressive Age (New Press, 2007). A graduate of Harvard University, Rothschild prior to coming to The Progressive worked as the editor of Multinational Monitor, a magazine founded by Ralph Nader. Much more about Matt available at: http://www.progressive.org/about

12:30-2:00 Lunch
2:00-3:30 Workshop: The RNC in MN

Natalia Shulkin, Gena Berglund, Carla Magnuson, Tovah Flygare, and Rachel Bengtson will lead the workshop. The Minnesota Chapter will discuss steps they have taken and are planning to take in order to prepare for the RNC. There will be a number of volunteer opportunities for legal observers, videographers, etc. We definitely need assistance recruiting 300 legal observers for the events between September 1 and 4. We are expecting between 20,000 and 50,000 protesters and marchers at the RNC. The main group organizing locally, is a coalition group, March on the RNC and Stop the War,
http://protestrnc2008.org/. They secured a permit for a rally site, but permits for the march route have been held up by the city of Saint Paul.

The RNC-Welcoming Committee, http://www.rncwelcomingcommittee.org, is another local group preparing for the convention. The Welcoming Committee has been touring the country and were recently stopped and detained at the U.S. Canadian border. Numerous other groups are planning non-permitted activities and we will certainly get requests for legal observing closer to the events. Come with questions about how you can get involved!!

Panel #3: Democratizing Defense: A New Approach to Ending Imperialism

Imagine: State after state declares over the U.S. military mission in Iraq, and recalls their National Guard units. Imagine: Citizens and/or their representatives in communities and states comprising half the U.S. population cast ballots for immediate withdrawal from Iraq.
Imagine: Cities across the country ban military recruiting of children or otherwise take action against local recruiters. These imagined happenings have either already transpired, or are in the works. And more are on the way.
This session will address the legal strategies employed, challenges faced, and questions raised in each of these new efforts to democratize defense. Lawyers, law students, scholars, and organizers needed.

Vicki Berenson is a community organizer with Truth and Alternatives to Militarism in Education.
John Knox is a war resister, Marine, and member of Iraq Veterans Against the War.
Ben Manski is a Wisconsin attorney and executive director of Liberty Tree.

5:00 PM
USA v. Al-Arian Film Screening and discussion about the state of Al-Arian's case with his attorney, Peter Erlinder.
UW Law School Co-sponsored by Islamic Society of Milwaukee.

USA vs. Al-Arian is an award-winning documentary about the legal nightmare of an American Palestinian activist accused of supporting terrorism, and the devastating impact of the PATRIOT Act on the American justice system. The documentary is a disturbing film on freedom of speech in post-9/11 America and political persecution. The film follows the arrest and trial of Sami Al-Arian, an Arab-American university professor accused of supporting a terrorist organization abroad. For two-and-a-half years, Dr. Al-Arian was held in solitary confinement, denied basic privileges, and given limited access to his attorneys. This is a nightmare come to life, as a man is prosecuted for his beliefs rather than his actions. http://www.usavsalarian.com

"Mr. Al-Arian was not directly linked to any of the violent acts that we showed during the trial. Nonetheless, it did not make his role any less."
-U.S. Attorney Paul I. Perez

7:00 PM Dinner at The Great Dane

8:30 PM on…Drinks and socializing at CafĂ© Montmartre

Suggested attendance donations: $30, $10 for students*

National Lawyers Guild
University of Wisconsin Law School
975 Bascom Mall
Madison, WI 53706

Accommodations available with UW law students upon request.

*Profits from registration go toward the newly inaugurated UW NLG Social Justice Student Award, recognizing a UW student who is committed to advancing social justice in their local or wider community.

National Lawyers Guild
Midwest Regional Meetup
February 29-March 2, 2008
Madison, WI




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Ben Manski
Executive Director
LIBERTY TREE Foundation for the Democratic Revolution
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Prairiefyre said...

New Jersey citizens are getting on board with the idea to defederalize the National Guard, which we learned about from Liberty Tree and from some folks from Wisconsin who just moved to NJ. We have more than 1000 signatures on a petition to the governor and have lined up State Senators and Assemblypeople to introduce a bill. Have gotten some good media coverage of the effort as well. The petition site is njpetition.org. The number of signatures there complement those we have on hard copy, and we continue to get more. We're also getting support from retired NG members and loved ones of those set to deploy in June.