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Friday, February 29, 2008

McCain... Now This Race Really IS historic...

Okay, so I come home yesterday and my dad is bouncing around the kitchen making dinner and laughing in hysterics.

"McCain is a Latino!!!" He shouts out with the mischevious grin I so love to come home to :).

"What?" I'd missed the news all day and so hadn't heard about the whole Panama birth issue yet.

Dad delighted to in telling me the story. McCain born in Panama, could potentially be constitutionally unable to be seated as President, etc... We both laughed heartily and it was an enjoyable start to what proved to be a lovely evening overall.

But what cracks me up more than all of this is that if McCain was born in Panama, he could consider himself a white Latino (definitions of Latino vary widely, but being born in Central or South America does entitle you under most definitions to consider yourself Latino)!

This means that the three front runners in this election are black, female and a latino republican!
No wonder he is so open to negotiation on the immigration issue. LOL!!!

Okay I've had my fun for the day.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well it is something worth nothing more than a good laugh, which is about all we see once again coming from both parties seems like they will stoop to any level for attention to get their party and themselves elected to office as they caroom around the real and important issues the scary part of it all is that as in the past many people will choose to vote for the one who has the ultimate punch line or has left the least stains on someones clothing, seems to me the real joke is those who vote these high payed clowns in office but what would I know I am but a mere peon in society.