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Friday, February 15, 2008

Obamacans Welcome!

I have to tell you that when I first heard of disaffected republicans flocking to Obama's campaign, I didn't really believe it. I had some anecdotal evidence sure. A republican family member who asked if he supported Obama, would I, he was tired of the partisan bickering and thinks "Obama could bring the country together". A conversation with a nice republican family from rural Wisconsin at a Toby Keith concert at Summerfest (hey leave me alone on this, it was a really good show and he's a Dem!) who told me they didn't like any of the right's candidates, but "thought that Obama seemed like a really nice guy, we might vote for him".

None of this was convincing as a whole that the conservative movement would crumble with an Obama candidacy.

I am becoming a believer... I have republican friends, not just emailing to tell me they will vote for Obama, but ASKING me how they go about VOLUNTEERING for his campaign! Four of them in the last week. Another hard core republican friend told me today he can't stomach McCain and just printed out Obama's platform to see if maybe...

I just want to tell everyone out here that in Wisconsin, something's happening... Something big...

A shift that I welcome and am celebrating publicly here and now.

It's as if Barack has tapped into something bigger than he is, bigger than the party, bigger than any individual. He's found our commonality. We are ALL regardless of party, regardless of economic status, race or gender, we, ALL of us are Americans on the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness and somehow the fighting of the past was not only getting us no where, but moving us backward as a people.

Welcome Obamacans! It's a big tent and we are SO happy to have you join us!


freshpowder_cowgirl said...

Yup, Republican Jo Hawkins-Donovan has moved over to Obama --she even worked the phone bank on Valentine's Day!

Chuck Lasker said...

My wife and I have been lifelong Republicans. We voted Reagan, Bush, Bush, Dole, Bush, and Bush. We feel the Republican Party leadership has betrayed the true Republican principles, and is now run by big spending corporate hacks. So, we are not only supporting Senator Obama, we've been heavily volunteering, blogging, knocking on doors and more. We need true leadership, which Obama offers.

If you're an Obamacan, check out the yard signs and more I have as a campaign fundraiser at: http://www.cafepress.com/wwobamad/5704112. I'm offering to set up for any county you want. All proceeds go to the Obama campaign.