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Monday, February 04, 2008

What About This Is Surprising?????

Obama's surprise endorser

I came across this story that shows how sexist our society is today. Maria Shriver happened to marry a Republican. She did not give up her mind when she did so and remains openly and proudly a liberal. So her entire family that DEFINES liberal going back 50 years endorses Obama and her husband who she's only known for 15 or so years goes way out on a limb to endorse the only Republican candidate who is potentially not certifiably insane and somehow this is a big story that she decides to go with her uncle, cousins and all the other members of her family to endorse as Caroline said if I may paraphrase, "The closest person I've seen to my father since my father..." in Barack Obama and the press has a field day wondering why a strong independent woman would endorse against her husband.

The same thing happened last week when Charlie Rangel's strong independent wife came out for Obama after he'd already endorsed Clinton. The press was all aroar! I even heard one press person say, "This is a sign, believe me, if Charlie didn't approve of her endorsing him, he would have never allowed it." I sat in my bed stunned at the overt sexism in the media and now here it is again.

Let me make this VERY clear to all political pundits and media spokespeople...

Women have their OWN right to vote. It was given to us explicitly by constitutional amendment and it took us 50 years LONGER than it took African American men to get that right. We fought, bled, sweat, begged, embarrassed the establishment and in the end it took a mother writing her son on the last day at the last minute in the TN legislature and him listening to his mother and changing his vote on the floor for that amendment to be ratified by enough states to become a part of our constitution.


We don't vote with our husbands.
We don't vote indiscriminately.
We don't vote as a "block" without disregard for issues or the effect on our lives.

We are individuals who look at the candidates at hand and walk into a voting booth and cast our own private ballot just like men do. If Oprah wants to endorse a male candidate over a female candidate, that's her right.

If Caroline and Maria and Ms. Rangel and any other women, want to come out with their own well deserved influence and tell us who they are voting for in that private booth and if their husbands happen to disagree, welcome to the kitchen tables of America.

There is no surprise here because if a woman in today's America chooses to support a different political candidate than her husband or family or church or employer or friends or anyone else supports, she, WE have not only a right but an obligation to vote for the best candidates on every single ballot and I believe we should be screaming out our preferences and our rationales for them to the world (hence my blog LOL).

Stand proud women of America, be it Hillary, Obama, McCain or even god forbid, Romney and Huckabee (the "insane twins" as I like to call them), tell us who you support and why because had one mother of a TN legislator not spoken out, you may not ever have had the chance to do so today!

And that's my take...


Anonymous said...

Thank you Renee.
I've been a married for 22 years. Probably because my husband does not even consider "allowing" or NOT "allowing" me to say or think or do. When our adult daughter's male comrade was too dominant over her with his political views Dad said "why are you still with this guy"?
He told me the other day who he is leaning towards for president. I said" wow, really" - and trust me this was a shocker - and he said "yeah I hate ___ and ___ that much, I don't know what the hell I'm gonna do". And that's it, I don't care. And I'm not forcing myself not to care for "the sake of my marriage". I mean, the guy is on the planet for a short and sometimes unpleasant bunch of years - he shouldn't be able to choose where he puts his vote?

So the people who spend their time locked in mortal combat thinking the world will be heavenly if Their Side wins, well they seem like morons to me. I think the marriage analogy is apt. The Male is not more important, nor is the Female, it takes both points of view to make anything worth having. Same in governance - sometimes a conservative solution to a problem may be the suitable one, sometimes a "liberal" solution is more appropriate. Strong minded people with strong beleifs CAN "tolerate" and work with other people of strong minds if there is respect and concern. My husband is better at some things than I am and I can do some things he can't. But neither is a "more worthy" human being. But a give and take attitude comes from a concern for the consequences of your own actions, concern for the people around you and your children and future generations. And we don't see that now, everyone wants to grab what they can for themselves, for the moment, and I beleive that this impulse for sadistic dominance - whether interpersonal, cultural or global - is what will kill us. But people won't give it up and to omany want to be a little god over the guy (woman) next to them.
Sorry for the rant, but you hit the basic issue of civilization here IMHO how to deal with dominance impulses)and it's some pretty serious shyt ya know.

Good luck with your talk at S. Point

Georgia said...

Amen Jody!

you said it all - and quite well.

Hope s. Point went well Renee!!!