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Friday, February 29, 2008

WI Superdelegates

So Caffeinated Politics put up this great post with links to a running list of pledged and unpledged Democratic Party superdelegates. What I love about this list is that they link to the source for their info on why they are committed. This is really a fun website and muchos gracias to CP for putting it out here!

Here is the breakdown per 2008 Democratic Convention Watch in Wisconsin to date:
Rep. Tammy Baldwin (WI)
DNC Tim Sullivan (WI)

Gov. Jim Doyle (WI)
Sen. Russ Feingold (WI)
Rep. Gwen Moore (WI)
Rep. David Obey (WI)
Rep. Ron Kind (WI)
Rep. Steve Kagen (WI)
DNC Stan Gruszynski (WI)
DNC Jason Rae (WI)

Uncommitted to date:
Herb Kohl (WI)
Lena Taylor - WI Vice Chair
Melissa Schroeder
Paula Zellner
Joe Wineke
Awais Khaleel (YDA-WI)

Interesting breakdown huh?

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