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Monday, March 24, 2008

4000 and Counting.... On Easter no less...

My heart goes out to the families of all 4,000 of our best and brightest. My heart also goes out to all those families whose heroes are not counted in the artificial number above.

This is a partial list of those not counted it's a disgrace...

  • If a soldier commits suicide due to too may tours and not enough medical care either in Iraq or after returning home? Not counted.
  • If a soldier gets killed in a friendly fire incident? Not counted.
  • If a soldier dies of food or water poisioning, has a heart attack on the field, falls off a transport, dies due to equipment malfunction? Not counted.
  • If a soldier comes back and kills himself and his family due to untreated and shunned PTSD? None of them are counted.
  • If a contractor dies in the field? A mercenary? A reporter? A shipped in support worker from Bangledesh? A US trained Iraqi soldier? Not counted.

An Iraqi civilian? Not counted.

In fact the ONLY deaths counted in that 4,000 are the ones who are members of the US military and die literally on the field in of battle in a confirmable attack from an insurgent.

This is the real shame of this war. We not only have the counted in this war, but we have the uncounted. We don't know how many they are... Their families know though.

So my post today as everyone is paying tribute to the 4,000 that are actually counted is dedicated to all those not counted. No less respect to the counted and their families, but the uncounted are just tragic and even more so because their sacrifice belongs only to them and their families.

I'm counting though. My heart goes out those who are uncounted whose deaths don't matter enough to this president to even count them. The barbarity of that is nearly unbearable.


Xoff said...

That's just the tip of the iceberg. Add 30,000 American wounded, and many more permanently damaged and traumatized.

Then add the Iraqis. We don't know how many, because we don't even care enough to count them. It may be a million already dead, plus another 4 million who have been forced to flee their homes or their country.

That's 5 million, about the population of Wisconsin.

Let's honor them all. But let's stop the killing.

Anonymous said...

Who is really doing the killing? Blame the USA....the enemy is doing much killing and for what? Keep up with the blame game ..and when we leave MORE blood will be on your hands.