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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Important Testimony on the Myth of Voter Fraud

Testimony was given to the Senate on a myth that has permeated our society because the media and many Americans have bought the premise without reviewing the facts.

In Milwaukee, false and fear mongering "Voter Fraud" stories have been the focus of attention for a decade in the media. They have been used to attempt to push destructive measures such as REAL ID, voter ID, felon voting lists at the polls, persecutions for the "crime of voting", continue the unAmerican practice of felon disfranchisemnet and a host of other voter suppression technics and laws in partisan attempt to keep the poor, elderly, people of color, and young from having access to the ballot.

Please read the testimony today. It's important that the facts are brought to the light of day and the myths taken apart to ensure that we have a strong and vibrant democracy now and in the future.

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