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Friday, March 14, 2008

Lena's First TV Ad!!!


Nice work. I have so much to say on this race, but first and foremost, this is the most historic race in the nation!

Never in the history of the United States has an African American woman been elected to run or even served through appointment to be the top executive of a county in a metropolitan area.

Lena Taylor would be the first in the nation and that's just the least important reason to vote for her on April 1st!

Her commercial is dead on...

Our transit system is among the most expensive in the nation and bus routes are being cut to the poorest communities as I type this. They have a calculator on their website. My husband drives me twice a day downtown for work and back. It's about 15 miles round trip. I calculated my cost to drive at today's gas prices ($3.20/gal!!!) and it's still cheaper for my husband to drive me daily than take the bus unless I get a weekly or monthly pass which I just have to not use once because I have to take the car to a meeting and the savings is wiped out!!!

If you travel on any of these lines routes 11, 14, 19, & 20 as of March 23rd, you will either have no service, have to transfer lines or walk to get to your destination. So much for serving the students who rely on these lines to get to school on time, the disabled and elderly who will now have to walk on unplowed icy sidewalks to get to a bus line and those in some of the poorest communities who rely on these routes to get to lousy jobs on time.

All of this is a result of the hand of Scott Walker. If you are affected, you need to vote against him so Lena can solve the transit mess in Milwaukee.

The park system is as deteriorated as it's ever been in Milwaukee. Milwaukee's park system is the jewel of our community. Walker has let Bradford Beach go to hell. Pulled lifeguards out of the systems, closed pools and raised the golf course fees, let grass go uncut and garlic mustard grow unchecked all over the city. It's shameful.

Lake Park was designed by the same architect who designed Central Park in Manhattan. It is OUR national treasure and the trails that I played in as a child have been allowed to deteriorate to the point that they are nearly unusable. He's tried to take our national treasures and place Starbucks in the middle of them basically offering them up to the highest bidder. The river is loaded with poisonous fish and if you walk along it's banks the few garbage cans left are overflowing, covered in flies and trash is strewn all along the routes I used to love to fish as a child. Attempts to privatize Milwaukee County Zoo and the worst of the shames on our County, the Milwaukee Public Museum disaster that privatized the board and put the collection that belongs to each and every one of us nearly on the auction block, the disaster of trying to cut county services to the least able of us, the ones most in need, the refusal to offer significant treatment programs, the list goes on and on of the things Walker has done to GUT county government.

All of these policies, cutting back on snow shoveling, keeping the park system healthy and pleasant for us and our children, trying to sell off golf courses and closing pools and eliminating lifeguards that keep us healthy and the racial profiling that drives people of color off the lakefront every spring, as if it's not their lakefront too... ALL of them have meant that Milwaukee's poorest workforce, the least skilled have lost thousands of jobs that paid living wages and supported families, our youth that now runs the streets with no opportunities leading to the highest juvenile incarceration rate in the nation, the elderly and those trying to return to society in a positive way.

This is probably the worst effect of the leadership this county has had since Walker took office. He has gutted not only all the services and quality of life aspects of our community we hold dear, but in the process has made our community less safe, less secure, less beautiful, less navigable, less enjoyable and less prosperous along the way.

In the long run the costs are not gone. They are transferred to the school to prison pipeline, the next generation, the people of our community who could least afford the costs... and to all of us...

Give a teenager a summer job, they learn the value of work skills, they stay out of trouble and guess what they stay in school which is the highest predictor of who will become a productive member of society paying taxes instead of using government assistance. Don't give that same teenager a job, they hang out all summer, get bored, find trouble and eventually end up in the prison pipeline. Now they cost taxpayers hundred's of thousands of dollars just to keep in the system not to mention the harm they may cause to each one of us!

Where is the sense in this policy????????????????????????

It is shameful.

All of this the result of the poor leadership of Scott Walker.

It's time for fiscal responsibility in Milwaukee.

It's time for accountability to the people of Milwaukee.

It's time for common sense solutions that make the people of Milwaukee County stronger and more self sufficient.

It's time for a change in Milwaukee. It's time to make history and along the way, fix the disaster that has been a Walker administration.

It's time for someone Taylor Made for Milwaukee County.

It's time for Lena Taylor.

Vote for her on April 1st so your kids can go to the park, the zoo, the beach, the swimming pool, the museum, get a summer job, and get there on the bus.


Anonymous said...

Just curious: Were you this excited when the first African-American woman was appointed to serve as the United States Secretary of State?

Certainly, one could argue, that that is a much more prestigious and important position than Milwaukee County Executive...

Not to take away from Lena Taylor if she wins (is she still campaigning?)...

Crawford's Take said...

Sure I was. Breaking down barriers is breaking down barriers. I was hopeful that she would

Unfortunately, that woman has been a disaster, not because of her race or gender, but because her loyalties rest soundly and forever with the profit margins of the oil industry and not the people of the world...