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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Most Important American Speech in Decades: Obama Today Speaks To Us All

"A More Perfect Union"

I was late getting in to work this morning because of family stuff. While waiting to leave, I watched Obama's speech today and am profoundly moved.

It was the most important American speech since the I Have a Dream Speech. You must find it and watch it all.

I thought all was lost after the race war that Hillary started and Dr. Wright inflamed. I couldn't imagine what he could say today that would salvage his candidacy. He could and I think he did.

My 76 year old African American father who lived through the Depression, a World War, fought for our country and was a war hero in Korea, came home and was marginalized again, marched for civil rights, married a white woman in 1966, raised four mixed children and taught us to respect ourselves, our neighbors and our world... was crying. Crying.

I sat through it in pure awe.

I am so stunned by this man. He and I have so much in common. Our shared American experience is really something I can't even begin to explain in one post.

I too have a white liberal mother and had a white Rush Limbaugh conservative grandmother.

I too have been raised in, navigated through and succeeded in a world that swung between radical angry African Americans and conservative angry white Americans, peaceful white hippies and civil rights heroes, conservatives and liberals, desperately poor and unbelieveably wealthy blacks and whites.

I too see the divisions on a higher level as distractions by those in power to avoid dealing with the real problems we all face. It's really something that I could have never crystallized. I could have never so eloquently stated and yet, something I know deep down.

I no longer care if he wins the presidency or not. His message is too powerful amybe even for our generation. He speaks to all of us in a way I've never seen in my lifetime and that speech he gave today alone is worth every minute he has spent on the campaign trail. It's worth whatever happens from here on out. He has done something profoundly important today. I don't expect America to rise to the challenge, but then again, I was wrong about Iowa...

He made me, you, the media, the power brokers, African Americans, Latinos, whites, the world stop for one moment and deal with something we don't want to deal with, I fear we are not . Something that hangs over our country like a veil of shame. He made us for a few moments stop and look in the mirror at who we are in our souls.

I don't expect the media to treat this well. He shamed them. They are reeling at first glance trying to find their footing. Trying to salvage their decency and self respect as Americans. They don't take too kindly to having to face their own idiocy. I feel like I need to watch it again to dissect it properly and will do so in the next few days.

The question now is... how will we as Americans react to this gauntlet being thrown down...

Here is the speech. I can't find the entire speech on video yet, but I'm sure it will appear soon and I'll add it to this post when it does.

Can America rise to the challenge?




John said...

i really hope we can rise to the challenge as well

Anonymous said...

I was streaming the speech when I got interupted. I wasn't able to hear the rest of the speech but had been so touched by what I had heard that I found the speech posted and read what I missed. I am 55 and it is by far the best speech I have ever heard. Very moving someone has finally not only gotten it but has found a way to explain it to the rest of us.


Anonymous said...

I am not an American, nor am I from this part of the world. I am here as an international graduate student. I was stunned to hear Obama's speech today..I just stared at my laptop screen listening to the recorded speech soon after that actual speech. This is so inspiring to the whole world, not only to America..He handled one of the most complex issues that the world face today that has caused so much chaos in lives- so brilliantly. My best wishes to Obama and all in America who are lucky to have him!

Georgia said...

I listened as he gave the speech. Only one word can I come up with : brilliant! He so nailed it. He made me wish I hadn't voted for Edwards in the primary here - rest assured, I will vote for him in November!

HerRoyal Clinton (the Princess of Whine) can't understand how moving that speech was. She is still preaching "Experience" (as opposed to acceptance)and talking like she is the only person for the Oval Office....

Let's all work at getting Obama elected this year - and we'll usher in the true age of Aquarius.

Discriminator said...

Awful speech, but it is the type of nonsense the stupid masses love. It is not as bad as that moronic "I have A Dream" speech that Mike King's Jewish handler wrote for him. Obama, like vitually all negroids/mulatto's - hates White people. The dolts in his church get very exited anytime White people are attacked. The hatred of White people expressed by the preacher & the audience is very great. Non-White people are very racist -especially negroids & mestizo's. Unfortunately White people are not very racist. We have had our natural instincts dulled. Our natural healthy hatred of non-Whites has been weakened.In the end the ONLY solution will be racial cleansing. Otherwise this civilization will crumble & die as it darkens. Before that final end our folk will be exterminated by the enemy -non-White peoples. As our nation darkens so does our future.If we want a brightewr world & future it takes a Whiter world & future.