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Monday, March 03, 2008

Rove Writes Clinton Game Plan?

Well, maybe not, but if not, she could've fooled me...

I've been trying really hard to be a good democrat and leave the Clinton machine at it's best...

I really want the bashing to stop, but this week when Clinton did something that really got my goat, I've sat on it for a few days and just can't stay quiet on this one...

Subtle racism is something I can't sit by and ignore. I've written on it many times before and when it's time to speak up, well, that's why I write a blog.

I was irritated by Bill in South Carolina. I was taken aback by the back slap comment she made about Obama not being Muslim, "as far as I know" (why qualify it?). Today, though, I have to go back a few days and let loose on something that's driving me nuts.

Political speech is really perfectly planned. A commercial is run through the best of the best and speeches are reviewed and tested over and over and are the result of years of political experience.

When Clinton says "Who would you hire?" The word "hire" was chosen for a very specific reason. The subtle racism is not a mistake. It's deliberate, calculating and a specific ploy to play to a subtle and unfortunate, but real fact in America...

Consider this...

And from the New York Times in 1987

And from Princeton in 2005

and the Dept of Labor Statistics
Showing black unemployment at 9.2% compared to 4.4% of white men in January of 2008. That does NOT include students, those incarcerated and those who are NOT currently on unemployment compensation.

It's REALLY important that you click on these these links before you continue to understand where I'm going!

If a black man and a white woman with the same qualifications are applying for a job in America, the facts are that the white woman will get the job nearly every time. This is the way America works. It is one of the things that is wrong in America, but it exists none-the-less... Now granted if they hired the woman, she'd be paid 30% less than the white man, but the point still remains.

When Clinton asked that question, she knew exactly what she was doing, playing on the prejudices of Americans in a subtle, racist and nearly unforgiveable way. She would never have made that comment in Washington DC.

Lawyers and politicans live by ONE rule: Never ask a question you don't the answer to...

Who by the way does she know at the NY Times?

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