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Monday, March 03, 2008

What World Does Grothman Live IN?

From the subtle to the blatant...

Republican Senator Glenn Grothman introduced an obcene bill on Feb 22 to create a constitutional amendment to ban affirmative action. His press release was even more obscene!

Young lawyers should be aware in advance that if they want to work for the high profile firms that compete for bond counsel, they may have a more difficult time getting hired if they are white or male,” said Grothman.


He apparently missed the articles and reports referenced in my last post.

and this one much more articulate than I'm about to be on white priviledge and the myth of white victimhood...

White men at around 3.8% unemployment are enjoying one of the lowest unemployment rates in US history. Black men at 8.3%. are suffering one of the highest with black teens at 35%. Women are still significantly behind men in wages and opportunities.

Somehow, this seems to equate to some level of unfairness to Glenn. Awe poor white men... so discriminated against in this world. My heart is bleeding for you...

White men are completely in control of every political body in this state. They are CEOs of all the major corporations, they dominate the workforce in every place I've ever worked (until my current job) and they always make more money. We have a LONG way to go before I'll feel sorry for white men in this country.

Come off it! With the minority population at UW-Madson hovering around 1 or 3% we have a long way to go before whites are discriminated against on our campuses.

This is not something that happened in a vacuum. Ward Connely, a well known racist, is running around the country trying to get these amendments on the ballot in states all over map in an attempt to press his racist and sexist agenda on the population. Wisconsin was originally on the list and then taken off, but nooooo good old Glenn said, "I'll do it!"

The goal is to rile up not the wealthy white men who laugh all the way to the bank, but instead to rile up the poor white men who haven't quite figured out yet that they are pawns in a game of pitting poor against poor, white against black, women against men, blacks against latinos and all of it vice versa in an attempt to divide and conquer.

Wisconsin has real problems, we don't have time for this nonsense...

The people of West Bend need to wake up and do something about this maniac they call their state senator. I'm sure a few women up there went to college because of affirmative action and hope their daughters will too...

This needs to be nipped in the bud before it gets out of hand!

Oh yeah... and before you start posting all kinds of myths on this, go here for the facts...


Al said...

You do realize that no one who doesn't already agree with you is going to take anything the ACLU says seriously, no matter whether it is accurate or not, right?

ΕΡΜΕΣ said...

ah, the heavy burden of the white man. to have to actually compete for positions with high profile bond counsel firms (whatever those are) is outrageous! it should be our birthright. what will the colored folk and the Y-chromosomeless population make us do next?