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Friday, March 14, 2008

Wisconsin Needs to Step Up! Hold a Hearing Albers!

I have written on felon disfranchisement many times on this blog. I just wanted to quickly pass on this great story of a friend of mine, colleague and mentor in Florida who several years ago built a coalition to restore the vote to Floridians. Muslima Lewis is an amazing woman and someone I am proud to know and work with and this article is a wonderful testiment to her and her work.

On this front, we have been REALLY patient with the Wisconsin State Assembly on AB390. In fact too patient!

They scheduled a hearing on December 27th so the people's voices could be heard, and promptly cancelled it. We have heard not a peep as to why and if/when it will be rescheduled.

The bill sits in Sheryl Albers committee, so you have three phone calls to make on Monday.
  • First is to Sheryl Albers asking her to reschedule the hearing on AB390.
  • The second is to your own Assembly representative telling them simply that you support AB390.
  • The final is to your State Senator asking why companion legislation has not yet been introduced to go along with AB390.
www.legis.wi.us.gov to find your Assembly rep's contact information.

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