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Friday, April 04, 2008

The Election's Over...Now What? Get active! Climate Change? Peace activities? Just do it!

Well, I started to write a blog about Tuesday about 4 times this week... None of them could capture the overwhelming sadness and disappointment adn what now feeling I was having...

So instead, I thought to myself I know I'll do what I always do! Pick my self up, brush myself off and start all over again (wasn't that a country song???)

Grassroots Northshore is a great group of everyday progressive citizens who get together to educate themselves and their friends about the political and sociatal landscape. Join us for some fun and find out what you can do to keep working to change the way things are done...


Grassroots Northshore Newsletter, April 3rd, 2008

Want to find out the local impact of global warming? Climate change is hitting home. Come to the GRNS Townhall about the local impact of global warming, presented by Clean Wisconsin̢۪s Ryan Schryver (4/17) http://grassrootsnorthshore.org/mailer/redir.php?id=454&st_id=328 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The lessons of Viet Nam. Lessons not learned. Movies That Matter present Winter Soldier, a documentary about hearings held by the Viet Nam Veterans Against the War in 1972 (4/4) http://grassrootsnorthshore.org/mailer/redir.php?id=455&st_id=328 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Are you and activist (or active person) who wants to stay active. Attend a book discussion with Susan Wells at Scwartz's on Downer (4/7) http://grassrootsnorthshore.org/mailer/redir.php?id=456&st_id=328 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Talking Impeachment. Attend the meeting on the idea (4/7) http://grassrootsnorthshore.org/mailer/redir.php?id=457&st_id=328 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Action Alert You pay while federal contractors cruise. Conservatives talk a good game when it comes to personal responsibility but fall silent when it comes to their corporate buddies. Here's how to take action. http://grassrootsnorthshore.org/mailer/redir.php?id=458&st_id=328 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

A day not to be proud of Tuesday, politics hit a new low in Wisconsin as Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce bought themselves a seat on the Wisconsin State Supreme Court, This proves more than ever why groups such as ours are needed across the state. In the meantime, Jim Rowen provides a survey of liberal opinion on the race that you will not see in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Thanks to all who turned out this weekend to campaign for Louis Butler and Lena Taylor. http://grassrootsnorthshore.org/mailer/redir.php?id=459&st_id=328

And for your reading pleasure, one last blast at Charlie Sykes for his shameless role in this election. http://grassrootsnorthshore.org/mailer/redir.php?id=460&st_id=328

Maybe he did, or maybe he didn't, but the president of TDS Telecom has stepped down from the board of WMC. He claims the mudfest the WMC created in this week's election had nothing to do with it. But -- the timing is a little suspect. Steve Jaegler of the Small Business Times explains. We urge you to read the comments. http://grassrootsnorthshore.org/mailer/redir.php?id=461&st_id=328

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