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Sunday, April 27, 2008

My New Favorite Blog

So I was watching Jon Stewart last week and after a long story by Colin Firth about his distress over his penis getting photographed in a bathroom without his permission, Jon asks him "What happens if you Google 'Colin Firth's penis'?"

I, like many Americans I'm sure, had to find out.

So I did. Immediately. I Googled exactly that and really at the time only a few random links appeared (today it's significantly more).

For some reason, one link caught my eye and I clicked on it.

As a result, I have a new favorite blog...

The two women who write Wit and Wisdom are amazing.

I have been unable to write for several days due to the simplicity of their writing and the complexity it now presents in how a blog should be written. I read the post "I fold" and chuckled. It was enough to make me read another post, and then another. The next thing I knew it was hours later (reading blogs on Blackberrys is still not quite up to par...) and I had read their entire blog (including their links and videos when they worked on the BB... urrgghh).

The concept is so simple they gab about their lives, basically to each other with random awareness that anyone else is reading, you know, random stuff, but the blog is incredibly aptly named.

The incredibly funny and wonderfully dry humor is terribly entertaining.
You will laugh out loud.
You will also cring, worry, recognize some of your paranoias and probably want to meet them both for a beer.

For several days after this adventure into their world, I was literally unable to blog. I have my own style, topics, bits and pieces that I blog on, but somehow, I felt inadequate...

I blog in a strange manner anyway. I have two basic processees. One is something hits me like a lightening bolt and I pound it out with appropriate links. This tends to lead to some rash and often emotional posts that mmmm..., maybe someday I will wish I had read a few more times.

Most often though, I will have something stewing for days. Something I want to blog about, but need to think through before blurting it out to the entire world.

Then one day it will hit me what I want to say, and the post basically writes itself. I do such minimal editing, I don't think I can claim to do it at all. A "who" instead of "whom" will often drive me nuts when I come across it again LOL!

They do this freehand. Stream of consciousness. So impressive. They explain themselves here in their first post on Jan 1, 2008. Spot on.

So maybe I was exhausted and everything seemed funny or maybe posts like this and this and this ditty and and this which starts out:
I have no interesting excuse. Except for being asleep for most of the past two weeks. I blame the crippling bout of flu. Also: laziness.

I've made a discovery this week. Which is not quite a discovery, and more like a realization. And it's very profound.

Or perhaps this one (you must click the link, read the ad in its' entirety and then go back and finish her post, I say "me too"...) was the one that forever endeared me to these women.

So for a good time check out these ladies...

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