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Friday, April 11, 2008

One More Shout Out! Gwen Moore Supporting Her Peeps!

I was at the Milwaukee County caucuses for delegates last Sunday and it was quite a day... I'm not going through all the details, but I do have a couple of things to note.

When I did this last election, about 75 people showed up total in the 4th and 5th CD's with me and my 2 friends being the only 5th CD caucuser for Dean. This time there were over 300 in the 4th CD and nearly 50 in the 5th! 40 some caucused for Obama and about 6-8 for Clinton in the 5th it was quite a day...

What a turnout and the Democratic party must be thrilled and excited that they have generated this kind of turnout in what is usually a local party thing. Many thanks to all the organizers who worked the event. Congratulations to Martha Love Milwaukee County Chair for a hugely successful day all around and Jim Shinners in the 5th who kept things running.

I just want to say this though. I was so impressed that of all the elected officials who turned out, Rep. Gwen Moore stayed all day and all night. She did something rarely done by electeds. She "hung out" literally with her peeps and listened and talked to everyone who had something to say; not only there, but accessible.

It was fabulous as usual to see you again Gwen!


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