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Friday, April 11, 2008

Weekend Voting From Herb Kohl

Back to my comfort zone, praising liberals LOL...

Herb Kohl our esteemed senior senator has a bill to introduce weekend voting in the US. This is good for business who now has to give up to 3 hours off for an employee to vote on a weekday. This is good for citizens for the vast majority of whom weekends are significantly less busy than weekdays.

Most importantly it is good for our democracy. Last week about 19% of Wisconsinites voted. 19% made major decisions for the other 80%. It was disgraceful turnout, but on a cold workday, who can blame people (well I can, I have no tolerance for not voting at all, but that's another blog...) for wanting to just go home after work.

I think this is a great proposal and I applaud our Senator for proposing it. It's long overdue.

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