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Monday, April 07, 2008

World Exclusive: Photo Proof that China is Shooting Tibetan Monks

To date, China has denied that they are shooting at the peaceful student and monk protesters in Tibet. I have photographic proof that they are lying.

The pictures you are about to see are so graphic, I urge you to not allow your children to see them. If you have a weak stomach, please do not view these photos, they make me sick to my stomach and are unchanged except for the faces of the living that have been redacted by the monks who took them and the names/stories of the dead that are on the photos and the circles where the gunshot wounds are clear. They have been smuggled out of China by the families in a desperate and dangerous attempt to tell the story of the suffering they are enduring at the hands of the Chinese government. They clearly show gun shot wounds. They are very bloody. The monks and students have their clothes removed (except for their underpants) in order to show the wounds their bodies have received. These are photos of the dead, taken by their families to ensure their stories are told to the world. They are the raw photos as the monks wanted them released.

I do not take the responsibility of these pictures being posted lightly. I have weighed carefully the implications of putting such awful stuff on the internet. I'm not entirely sure I can find a server that will allow me to keep them posted for long, so if they are brought down by the hosting site, I will try to get them up again somewhere else. The monks who risked their lives to smuggle these photos to India and then to America are begging someone to tell their story and I have decided that the right to tell the story is more important than keeping the horror undercover. The anguish I am going through right now over whether or not and how to publish these photos this is really only trumped by my gut feeling that the world MUST know the truth.

You must type a password to view the photos, this way I can in someway control who may see them. If you would like the password, please send me an email at rcrwfd@gmail.com with your name and age (you MUST be 18!) and I will send you the link to them with the password to open. I am aware I am taking a risk in publishing these online at all that children may see them. I urge anyone under 18 to please not request access to the photos. Just trust me, they are really bad...

The world must know what the torch relay protesters already know and the media is refusing to report! I don't agree with the attacks on the athletes going on in Europe, but people must know that even if their tactics are not justified, their anger is righteous and should belong to the entire world. As with the torture photos at Abu Ghirab, the American people and media need to see it before they believe it...

Here is one story on the events that the pictures display. http://www.phayul.com/news/article.aspx?id=20227&t=1

Another was posted by a local blogger at Milwaukee Renaissance. Read www.milwaukeerenaissance.com/KtRusch/TibetanUprising2008 for local article on Tibet uprising. This photo was already posted at this site.

Please send me an email if you would like access to the remainder of the photos.

This story MUST get out!

All my heart and soul and wishes for peace to the Tibetan people.


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