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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I Am Suddenly Feeling Much Better!

Could this be our ticket???

I'm absolutely beeming, cheering and as excited as I've been in weeks!!!


Thank you for making my day, my week and my month!

On top of his amazing speech, John edwards was so much more gracious than I have been today. I'm not taking what I said back. I just think it's less important now that it's finally over.

She tried to spin this as unimportant, she's wrong. This is the next most influential Democrat in the nation who has decided this race is over.

The rest will follow suit.

My worst fears about the Democratic party in my last post have been alleviated. Everyone knows what I'm feeling and they are responding.

In every campaign there are turning points.

Seeing Barack Obama and John Edwards on the stage together tonight is one of them.


It's all good again!


Justin said...

I hope it's Obama/Edwards! What a great speech! Glad they did it only two hours away from me in Grand Rapids...only wish I was there in person. I hope people realize that Obama wasn't on the ticket in Michigan...this point is never mentioned when they talk about Clinton trying to get the delegates. Great site!

georgia said...

HerRoyal Clinton keeps pushing herself in our faces. Personally - I think Bill should take her on a very long vacation to Washington D.C. so she might do the job she actually won. Some might say the same of Obama. I can't stand HerRoyalness - she is being so divisive and unrealistic - I wouldn't vote for her with McCain's vote!!!!!