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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Misogyny, Misandry and Racism

I was taken to that pro-Hillary website against my will and upset for days over it. But while I was there I was reading the comments that are allowed to stay posted on the site. I think what is so stunning is the vitriolic anger out there. I started looking at several pro-Hillary sites and it's echoed all over the web...

So first some definitions:

  • Misogyny = Extreme hatred of women
  • Misandry = Extreme hatred of men or "mankind"
  • Racism = Extreme hatred of a person based on their race

These three terms have been thrown around quite a bit lately. I am not immune or exempt from throwing at least one of them myself recently...

That said, I think it's ridiculous to so non-chalantly use any of these powerful and dangerous words in the context in which they are being used.

I have been really careful when using racism in terms of what I think Hillary Clinton has been doing in the primary. I don't actually believe Hillary's a racist. What I am concerned about and the context I've written in is that she is manipulating other people's racism which is another thing entirely called race baiting. I actually don't think you have to be a racist yourself to race bait or acknowledging other people's racism and then use it as a tool to promote your cause regardless of the greater good you may think your cause can achieve.

That said, something new has popped up on the blog-o-sphere: Clinton supporters have begun to use the word "misogyny" in reference to Barack Obama... Somehow, her supporters have managed to start to believe that he's a woman-hater... ????????

To make it worse, they are now saying they will vote for McCain (who it has been reported was verbally abusive in the past to his previous wife, was married multiple times, is catagorically against freedom of choice and I could go on and on) before they will vote for Obama. Now I said this once about Hillary and have seriously rethought the entire thing. It's a ridiculous thing to be tied to a person instead of a political philosophy and I know I will never vote GOP regardless of what the candidate on my side does to win the nomination. Their excuse for this blather is that somehow, married forever and perennially supportive to a powerful and successful and independent woman in her own right, father of two daughters and pro-choice feminist Obama is now a sexist. This is about as ridiculous as labeling Hillary a racist and just as useless a conversation to engage in... I could go on and on about Bill's dismantling of the safety net for families in the 1990's and a whole host of other things Hillary did not protest, but that's another blog. Suffice it to say that the Clinton supporters are outrageous to think that Obama is a misogynist in any stretch of the imagination.

So that takes me to the last word misandry. This is the opposite of misogyny.

I feel as if this is what's happened in this race in the last 6 months...

Hillary mismanaged her campaign and lost Iowa. Then she mismanaged it more and lost some more states, then she mismanaged it more and decided to give voters 'a taste of what Obama might face in the fall' meaning some subtly racist commercials and talking points from her and Bill and surrogates. Then the entire African American community in America got really ticked off because she offended them. Then two things happened, she got called on the subtle racism and it started to work. Instead of letting go of it though, she played it even more and continues to do so.

Now she's said the ultimate gaff and horrified 75% of America. In a last ditch effort, her supporters are crying foul and suddenly new talking points surface that Obama's a misogynist.

This has the pro-Hillary site people now bordering on misandry towards Obama. Nit picking small examples of insignificant things to try to portray him a sexist. If you read that site and the comments on it, well let me say that angry is not even the beginning of it. The misandry is what built up the resentment towards women in the 1970's and effectively killed the women's right's movement for 25 years until my generation took it up again in a more positive way.

What's really sad about all of this is that Hillary now knows beyond a reasonable doubt that she cannot win. Yet she cares so little for the party, her supporters, and this country that she continues to pump out derisive and dividing talking points to trash Obama and his supporters.

Beyond a doubt though all this ugly name calling has to stop.

Hillary's not a racist or a misandryst. Obama's not a misogynist.

Most of Hillary's supporters are not racists or misandrysts. Most of Obama's are not misogynists.

There are always a few bad apples that make a lot of noise on the fringe. Most of us are reasonable.

I just wish she would denounce the racists and misandrysts as divisive and out of line...

All of us want this country to go in a new direction and our big disagreement is on who will take us there. I say they both will, but Obama's already persuaded the masses, so let's get on with taking on McCain.

1 comment:

Georgia said...

All I want is HerRoyal{pain in the butt}Clinton not to completely screw up the image of the Democratic Party... this "I'll make my decision...." CRAP - just as Obama HAS earned the delagates needed to clinch the nomination really reflected her complete lack of concern for THE REST OF THE PARTY. (i.e. - those of us who did not vote for her, although we ARE democrats)

I'd like our decision (i.e. candidate)for the November ballot to be strong NOW - so we can all agree to 'dis McCain (McBush???) and WIN in November.

No such grace shown by HRC.... and she is SUCH a great senator... and would be a fabulous ambasador to the United Nations ... or better still - one of the Supremes (Court not singers). She has many roles she can fill well.

I believe the Obama Campaign will welcome her campaigning for Barack, and I am certain there are bigger and better things in store for Sen. Clinton.