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Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I'm having a hard time discussing the democratic primaries with you out here...

I'm trying really hard not to flip out on Hillary. It's getting harder and harder...

What I want to say about West Virginia for example is probably not helpful right now.

I SO want to believe that this country is looking at the candidates and asking who would make a better President among the two of them. I used to believe that electibility is not an issue, I don't believe that anymore for one simple reason. Who is lifting our country out of the funk of divisiveness and bad policy and who is trying to drag us back down...

Hillary has split the party right down the middle. This post could destroy my standing with my fellow democrats in Wisconsin and nationally. I no longer care. I am a person of principle and my principles have been so severely damaged, that I no longer can hold my tongue. It's important for people to know all over this country my outrage as a hard core democratic African American woman...because I know I am not alone...

I find it fascinating that in a year when we have a candidate who's entire message, the one that resonates most with the vast majority of Americans, is unification for change, his opponents only and best strategy is to divide and conquer. As of yesterday, I believe she is intent on destroying the best chance we have in November and she's doing it out of some selfish entitlement concept. Anything to win did not have to mean ANYTHING...


The entire point of a democracy is to elect the people who speak to all of us, who will work for all of us, who represent all of us and who can bring us all together to build a better life for all of us. What about Hillary's campaign in the last 2 months has done that?

I won't vote for her in November... She's driving me to want to drink. I'm smoking more than ever because of the stress I feel whenever I watch her speak. I cannot remember ever being so disappointed in someone. This is real, raw and honest. I cannot and will not do it.

The argument that she will mend fences after the election is idiotic. You cannot repeatedly and deliberately insult an entire race of people in this country and win the presidency as a so-called democrat. If you do win like that, I want no part of the democratic party anymore.

If this works, I may do what my girlfriend did and move to Mexico. She's very happy there and says the only way she'd consider moving back is if Obama becomes president.

Not if Hillary becomes president.

If Obama becomes president.

I'm to the point of being angry with my friends who are still supporting her. ANGRY. I don't get angry! I don't like to be angry!

Let me give you three reasons Hillary will be destroyed in a general election.

1. She's lost my vote. I am so personally and deeply offended right now as both a woman and an African American, I could cry. I'll vote for Cynthia McKinney the Green candidate or Bob Barr the crazy Libertarian first. This is not an idol threat. Don't even begin to try to talk me into voting for her. I may even have a hard time voting for Obama if he chooses her as a running mate. I am a life long democrat. I've worked for the party. I have worked for more dem. candidates than I even remember. I am a party committee member and a delegate from 2004. I am a passionate and principled democrat and except for one small mistake (I voted for Alberta Darling in her first race... big mistake actually), I have NEVER voted for anyone but a democrat. I am telling you this though. I will not only not (sorry for the dbl neg) vote for her in the fall, but will actively work against her presidency.

I no longer believe she's qualified to be president and believe that McCain would not have gone the places she's went. This is why. When McCain is racist, people expect it. They are not surprised and it carries no weight with the majority of general public.

What Hillary's done is make it OKAY to be racist and to SAY you are!!!
Her racism carries weight. By giving voters the okay to be racist, she's effectively sent politics in this country back decades. It's unforgiveable. It's disgraceful. It's forced me to write this post... one I have dreaded and avoided for months... I SO did not want to go here, but if she's going to force my hand, I have no other choice. Do you have any idea how difficult she has made it in this world for African Americans, Latinos, Asian Americans, Muslims, etc... By making prejudice acceptable she has depressed me more in the last two months than Bush has in 8 years...

Let's set the record straight on this. Despite what Hillary has been pushing for weeks, it is NOT okay to be a democrat, progressive, liberal and be a racist.

That just needs to be put on the table right here, right now. It's just NOT okay and if you are a racist and a democrat, leave our party. I would rather LOSE than have your vote. We liberals are better than that. We are better people than that. We MUST be or we will never get anything done.

2. Her supporters are racists. Period. This was funny yes on SNL on Saturday, but the general rule is that funny is only funny if it's true... If you voted for Hillary Clinton at anytime after the 3am ad, you are not supporting a woman because you are a feminist, you are supporting racism.


You may or may not be racist, but regardless, you are supporting racism if you support Hillary.

I will remember those who blindly followed her into the depths of this hell. If Condelezza Rice were running for president and you vote for her as an African American woman, just because she is an African American woman, you are an idiot.

I don't see any difference between Condelezza Rice and Hillary Clinton any more.

A bad person is a bad person. A poor leader is a poor leader regardless of what may or may not be hanging between their legs...

If you really believe you are voting for her for some pure ideal that a woman will do things better, you are an idiot. She clearly has NOT done anything better to date, in fact, her rhetoric is disgusting, anti American and infuriating.

3. Hillary cannot win because she could not win the primaries. She cannot raise money. She has narrowed her voters to the racists and the white women in this country willing to blind themselves to the racism because they so badly wanted a woman for president. She should be ashamed of herself for taking advantage of those women and their passion. I did not support Obama because he was African American. I am a woman first and the genes that add extra amount of melanin in my skin makes me AA as well.

I have been discriminated against more for being a woman than an AA in my lifetime.

I had every reason to support Hillary, not the least of which is I was a true blue Clintonian for decades, and yet, Obama spoke to me. I did not see the color of his skin first as a reason to support him, in fact, I thought it could be an obstacle.

What drew me to Obama was the fact that he was honest, he was passionate, he actually seemed to care about everyone in this country. Not just the blacks, not just the women, not just the poor, not just the immigrants, not just the wealthy, not just the followers of one faith or another, but he had a vision of this country coming together to rise up and turn a page that inspired me.

When it came down to it, I thought race and gender equalized on the campaign trail, so I looked at the candidate who really spoke directly to me.

Barack Obama is that candidate.

The democratic party is afraid that this race will divide the party... It's too late. Somehow that woman managed to make me question one of the beliefs I hold most dear. That democrats stand for what's good in us all. I question that now because of her, and I'm angry that she has managed to raise that doubt in my mind.

Should she find some back door way to become the nominee, I may just not vote at all...

I feel as if I kept quiet, I would be as bad as she is. People need to know this, my party leaders need to know this, the world needs to know why we are so upset. I feel as if my silence one more day would make me complicit in the insanity.

I am still reeling that she's forced me to think and say these things...how dare she?

And yet, if I love my party, my ideology as much as I say I do, how dare I not say them at this point in this race?

Go ahead, nominate Hillary in an overthrow of the people at the convention, just know this, she definitely won't have me to kick around anymore...

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