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Sunday, May 11, 2008

SNL Buries Clinton Campaign For Good "My Supporters are Racists"

I just wrote a long post that disappeared when I hit publish post. Not sure I can recreate it now because it's Mother's Day... Suffice it to say that:

  1. SNL buried Clinton's campaign last night for good.
  2. Her behaviour this past week was appalling and she may have ended her ability to even be on the ticket with the "hard working white people" comments.
  3. I'm hearing from Repubilcans, Independents and Democrats alike that they WANT Obama to be the next president. The cacophony of my friends, neighbors and even people I don't know well all saying this is stunning even to me.
  4. The superdelegates don't have to wait, no matter how much she begs them to, until June. This can be over tomorrow and not only for the sake of the party, the nation, unity, Obama's message and our chances to beat McCain in November, but for Hillary's sake. She's so desperate now she's embarrasing herself. Saying things that are inexcusable at best and argueably despicable on their face. Her senate career could be in jeapardy if she keeps this up and we NEED her seat! Continuing to allow her to become more and more desperate and watch her turn desperation into a plea to all the racists in the country to come on board the train's pulling away is... well, just so damn sad...

I get the "let her supporters down easy" argument (although I think it's patronizing and irritating, no one had to let Edwards' supporters down easy...). I get that she needs money to pay herself back. I get that she's a fighter (although stumbling around punch drunk is not her best side...). I get that women in the remaining states want their chance to vote for a woman for president before it's over.

The RACISM MUST STOP! Playing on bigotry only reinforces the bigotry. I never said before that her supporters are racist. I didn't believe that, but she changed that this week. I will say this, if you vote for Hillary Clinton as a democrat after the disgusting display of this last week, you are reinforcing an America I want to move beyond. An old America where you could destroy a black candidate by saying things that essentially say "White people must stick together". After her comments last week. A vote for Hill IS a racist vote. Women can no longer hide behind sufferage on this. The bottom line is you can't claim to be progressive, a liberal, a reformer, a good person and cast a vote for someone who in desperation goes there to win...

At some point, the candidate's behaviour has to be taken to task regardless of the history being made... She no longer has the ability to say "I'm with you" the the African Americans in this country. Latinos in Puerto Rico and around the country take note. She threw African American's overboard as soon as it was politically advantageous... Latinos are usually next in line... "and then they came for me...".


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Justin said...

Huge Obama supporter here. Question, in the extremely unlikely event that HRC is our candidate (yuck)...who do you vote for? McCain is racist as well...ugh, thankfully Obama is going to get it!