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Friday, May 23, 2008

Squandering Every Bit of Respect...

I just wanna cry for Hillary right now... I know she really wants to be president. In addition, if not that, some really cool other job. VP, SCOTUS, AG... She really could have had anything she wants at this point and I think every American would be excited about it.

But some misplaced sense of desperation has driven her to the brink. The comments about RFK today came from pure desperation. They came from some psyche that will not let her give up no matter what it takes and they came from some sense of entitlement that's been rejected by the Democrats of America without regard for a lifetime of work to achieve that sense of entitlement.

I do have empathy for her and her supporters. This was supposed to be the crowning achievement of a movement that is 220 years in the making and a lot of women suffered to allow her to achieve what she has achieved. Many other women have lived long enough to know how hard women have struggled for generations to get here and they are just not quite ready enough to let that dream go for another 8 years...

I get this. I care about this. I think caring about this so much is why I think it's time to call it off.

This is not out of some loyalty to Obama. I do support him and for similarly great reasons, but also because I'm a party loyalist and haven't seen people this excited in my lifetime about a candidate and a message. He's touched something in the American public that is truly wonderous and we are ready for him right now in America.

I think he's good for us as democrats. His message is good for me. I even have found myself reading again to my girls who read on their own so much now, the habit was dropped. But we enjoy it anew and I realized the other day that he's been telling me to read to them and somehow that sunk in without me realizing it. He is making me a better mother by reminding me of the simple joys of life again.

For months now, I have railed on Hillary for her seemingly race baiting tactics, her careless comments, her lack of dicipline, cohesion, and organization in her campaign and her inability to articulate a coherent message besides I'm Hillary, I care about healthcare, I'm a woman and its my turn...

My anger and disappointment have nothing to do however with my love of Obama's sharply contrasting primary performance.

In fact, I am as frustrated as Hillary about all of this. I expected so much from her. I really had high hopes even though I preferred Obama as early as mid-December that this would be a positive campaign that at the end of the day all democrats in America and in fact all Americans would be proud to have participated in regardless of their preferred candidate.

I don't want Hillary to stop campaigning because I don't want her to take this to the convention. In fact, I don't think most democrats would disagree with me on this. Its not an exciting convention that will have Americans on the edge of our seats watching every minute of on CSPAN that would be problematic. In fact the opposite would be true.

I want Hillary to stop campaigning, suspend her campaign and not drop out, whatever, just go home, get some sleep think about all of this and get your head back on straight. Mistakes like the one she made today come from the depths of disappointment and would cease immediately if she just took some time off.

In other words, I'm tired of every few days seeing her say or do something that squanders her good will built over decades any further. The only way to stop that is for her to just flat out take a break and stop campaigning for a while.

I saw the pained look on her face today as she made her apology. Something in this formula MUST change because I want her as a Justice, an AG, a VP, or whatever position she wants to have.

She's gotten much love from this country and given much more to it. She's made her point. She's earned her choice.

Continuing on this self destructive path down this dark road to nowhere is helping no one, least of all Hillary...

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