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Friday, May 23, 2008

Stimulus Checks... sigh Our Government at It's Finest...

Wondering where they are???

Get this... If you have a VA health insurance bill, tax debt, child support, student loan in default or any number of other debt obligations to the Fed Gov't, your so called Stimulus Check will be used to pay those off first just as your regular tax return was...

LOL! This is hysterically insane to me!

So you are giving people money and asking them to spend it, not save it or invest it or at least hold it so you can pay for gas to get to work for the next few months, because it's soul purpose is to stimulate the economy, Bush's master plan and only economic fix in his toolkit is to ask us to spend, spend, spend and when we got to the point that everyone was broke, he decides to take out loans your kids will have to pay back to give you money to spend, but no one thought to exempt that from your government garnishments???

The gov't gave people money so they could spend it and then took it back before they could spend it... ??? The irony of this is almost too much to comprehend!

There are millions who will face this issue. On top of it all, it will probably hold up checks at least another few weeks and that's if you have direct deposit. Some of those affected won't get a check at all and some will get some portion of it, but not the entire check and maybe not until Christmas at the rate their actually coming out and with the crazy formula their applying to decide if you get it many others will wonder why they didn't get it at all or had it reduced for incomprehensible reasons...

Thanks a lot Bush... thanks for nothing on behalf of all those who will get nothing... including the retailers who were counting on these checks to get them through until the holidays since everyone I know is broke from the outrageous gas and food prices...

(In case you're wondering we'll get ours, but I found out about this through a friend who did not...)

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