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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

TOLD You So: Disfranchised Nuns in Indiana Yesterday-Thanks to the Supremes

So the Supreme Court has really done it now...

Last week they came down with a landmark decision that the most restrictive Voter ID law in the country in Indiana was constitutional because they believed that no disparate impact had been proven. As a caveat they said, come back to us if we're wrong...

Wait a minute, so they said that since no large numbers of people HAD been disfranchised, there is no reason to prevent them FROM being disfranchised, but if AFTER they are disfranchised you wanna talk again, come see us...

Well, they are VERY wrong... LOTS of Americans were disfranchised yesterday...

We said, that this would disfranchise students, minorities and the elderly...

At least 12 nuns and several students were turned away from the polls yesterday because
they lacked the proper id to vote.

Of the 137 nuns in the convent, many more did not even try because they heard from those turned away that they would not be allowed to vote.

Losing even ONE legitimate voter in a democracy due to overly strict ID requirements is a travesty. Indiana legislators and the Supremes who held up this law should be ashamed of themselves. Indiana voters should kick out their entire legislature... oh yeah, that'll be hard with out the youth, minority and elderly vote. Isn't that the point of the law though?

This law is shameful and being pushed by the GOP all over the country. It is bought hook line and sinker by those who have some sort of irrational terror that the "wrong" people are voting and raising the spectre of an invisible and mythical "voter fraud". The GOP has long know that if everyone in this country could and did vote, they would lose. Their policies don't mesh with the majority of general public. Because of that irrational fear, they are on a crusade to disfranchise as many Americans who are not white, middle aged and male as possible. You'd think they'd just try to write policy that helps the people they want votes from, but no, instead their strategy is to just stop them from being allowed to vote altogether.

You won't vote for me, so I'm going to not allow you to vote. Some strategy, almost childish in its cynicism, in what's supposed to be a democracy of the people, by the people and for the people...

THIS IS A DEMOCRACY!!! We should be encouraging as many people as possible to exercise their RIGHT to vote.

Voting is NOT a priviledge. It the RIGHT and RESPONSIBILITY of every citizen in this country and restricting that right when the citizen is attempting to exercise their responsibility is disgraceful.

I hope this is the END of the debate in Wisconsin. Strict and ridiculous voter ID laws disfranchise people...period.

No questions about it. Ask the Indiana nuns how they felt yesterday when they were disfranchised. Told they weren't legal enough to vote...

Imagine if that were you??? An American citizen being told their papers are not in order... Sound famililar???

The IN legislature and any other in the country that has passed or considered passing Voter ID laws needs to repeal them and drop them altogether.

It's time we call this issue dead in the water. Well, Supremes, you said come back if you're wrong...

Problem is, you won't even begin to hear about this before November 2008, so it's too late already.

Hate to say we told you so, hate it even more for the people who were denied their right to vote yesterday, but WE TOLD YOU SO!


patrick said...

Ms Crawford,

How can you call 12 nuns and "several" students a travesty? When we compare this to the total number of votes cast, it amounts to the most tiny fraction of a percentile. I would imagine a similar munber of voters were unable to vote because they went to the wrong polling place. The rest of the good people of Indiana can rest assured that their voting system is more secure than almost any other, that their rights and voice were protected.

You are correct that voting is a responsibility--why not chastise the nuns for failing to take that responsibility seriously and to come prepared? Why not criticize them for spreading false and misleading information to other potential voters? Was nobody in the convent unable to call city hall to figure out what was going on? Did they care so little?

It is also misleading to use the word "disinfranchise" here. Nobody's right to vote was taken away and we both know that. It is certainly reasonable that people prove they are who they claim to be as they vote. Further, while you claim, weakly, that this is some Darth Vaderish Republican sceme to silence opposition voters, any reasonable look at the situation demonstrates that the voter ID law could never have that effect.

However, if the people of Indiana believe they have made some mistake they can change the law to allow all the fraud they can handle. I wouldn't hold my breath.

Crawford's Take said...

Oooooo patrick! got your goat a bit???

I can always tell I'm onto something when I get you Repugs riled up LOL!

If you really want me to, I'll pull a minimum of 20 quotes from republican operatives that strongly suggest there is a deliberate and calculated effort to disfranchise legitimate voters in this country.

In fact one "WI GOP operative" as he called himself said to me directly one day at a blogger's conference in a moment of true candor... "we have to stop certain people from voting anyway we can or we can't win...".

God forbid a bunch of 80 year old nuns don't understand the convoluted and ridiculous new voting laws that stole their vote from them yesterday... Old age and self imposed religious isolation should not be reasons to take away even one vote.

If that were your grandmother, wouldn't you have been the slightest bit upset? Now try 137 women married to God himself who gave their lives to serve him in their last chance to vote perhaps for a woman for president, standing in a polling place and being told they weren't legal enough to vote.

The same women who were born in a country where it was illegal for them to vote facing at the end of their lives having the vote taken away again.

Yes, it's disgusting. Yes, it will happen again. Yes, it happened to students, the elderly and I suspect we will hear of minorities as well...

You buy the bullshit about non-existant voter fraud and close your eyes to the real fraud.

This "let me see your papers" crap is just un-American. DO YOU VALUE YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE?

Well not in MY country. If you're a citizen you have a RIGHT to vote. Period. That right shall not be infringed!

No further explanation or discussion necessary.

Republicans stole the right to vote from NUNS!

Of course, McCain and his psycho anti-catholic, anti-everything friend Hagge will have no problem with that will he...?

Good way to start an election year... Well done. Start by disfranchising NUNS! and yes, they were disfranchised. They were legal voters who went to the polls to vote and were denied their right. With the Republicans closing the polls so early (6pm) and the nuns not even knowing where or how or having enough time to get the proper identification, their right to vote was unnecessarily taken from them by overly restrictive and ridiculous laws that in practice stole their right to vote. I wonder how your Pope feels about his daughters being treated so poorly by Indiana's laws...

When proving disparate impact the threshhold is not on the law itself, but on the EFFECT of the law in practice... The Justice Department should investigate... oh yeah, Bush has control of that too...

Oh yeah, Guam was won by 7 votes on Saturday. In 2004 the mayor's race in South Milwaukee was an actual tie after several recounts and decided by a draw of cards. Patrick Flaherty lost an aldermanic seat in Feb by 71 votes.

Yes, 1, 12, 137 votes DO matter. If they don't, then I challenge YOU to not vote in November because YOUR vote is equally important to each of those women's votes...



Your vision of it is warped...

Maybe its just not worth the time to even discuss it further. If all their votes don't matter, yours doesn't either, so PROVE IT.

Don't vote in 2008 Patrick!

Put your vote where your values are...in a hampered democracy.

Crawford's Take said...

BTW: The law states that the ONLY ID that is acceptale to vote is a government issued ID card. Essentially a driver's licence, state ID or passport. NO other ID is available. Most of these nuns have none of those things. The convent has taken care of most of their needs most of their lives. So NONE of the nuns in the convent had the proper ID and without a court order to interfere with the law, they had NO other recourse but to relinquish their right to vote to cynical republican anti-voter strategies.

Shameless. I suspect the movement to overturn the law will begin shortly...

patrick said...

Ms. Crawford:

Why so angry? No need to use terms like "repug" or "bullshit"--especially in a post where you supposedly take up for nuns. Lets be civil, shall we?

First, the nuns in the convent were wronged, but not by the law, by the people of the convent who didn't have the foresight to look out for them. Perhaps the nuns need to take back a little of their independence. My grandmother is fair into her nineties and can produce a government ID for banking services, to buy beer, to check out books on tape from the library, and many other purposes. Considering the many things one must have a government ID to do, I'm surprised your outrage isn't focused more practically on this: how can one function without one today? And when one considers the facts, it is reasonable to use this as a way to secure the voting process. You boldly state that if one person's vote is (as you misuse the term) disinfranchised it is a travesty, but some of us are equally upset that just a few fraudulent votes could swing an election too. So there are two reasonable sides to this.

If voters in Indiana--where half the legislature is controlled by democrats and has been--decided to revisit this issue, that is their right. We'll see.

You mention that you could produce "a minimum of 20 quotes from republican operatives that strongly suggest there is a deliberate and calculated effort to disfranchise legitimate voters in this country." I'll hold you to that with eager anticipation--but please be specific with your citations so I can verify. To be onest, I'd like to know the names of those undemocratic fools--they are no friends of mine. But lets also remember that not all democratic operatives are as pure at heart as you are; it seems likely that some of them are as interested in political power as these republican phantoms you promise to materialize.

Again, I await the promised quotes with eagerness.

P.S. I have real trouble with the word verification thing on your blog--terrible eyesight on my part. Why not get rid of it?

Georgia said...

One legit voter turned away - is TOO MANY.

We only have our vote - the only voice in this loud society.

Regardless of 'who' might be on the ballot - (negate party lines) EVERY American over 21 with no felony convictions - is ENTITLED one vote.

That's it. One vote.

To be denied that vote - - - well, in my mind... that's CRIMINAL.

Whom do we prosecute?

patrick said...


Why not prosecute those people who prevent the 18 to 21 year olds from voting? In America we are granted the right to vote at 18.

I agree that everyone who presents vaild ID proving that they are an American is entitled to one vote.

I'm still waiting for the 20.....

Georgia said...

Oh Patrick - did you even read my post.One legit voter turned away - is TOO MANY.

We only have our vote - the only voice in this loud society.

Regardless of 'who' might be on the ballot - (negate party lines) EVERY American over 18 with no felony convictions - is ENTITLED one vote.

That's it. One vote.

To be denied that vote - - - well, in my mind... that's CRIMINAL.

Whom do we prosecute?

(Sorry - I had a brain fart (oh ya hey- I am OLD)and wrote 21 - I am aware that the voting age is 18!)

patrick said...


Voter ID laws don't turn away ligit voters. They simply require ligit voters to prove they are ligit--like when one goes to the bank to cash a check.

Let me ask you this: Do you see it as a concern that for lack of ID even one citizen cannot access their money at the bank, buy certain medicines, check out a book, rent a video or any number of other things?

Secondly, since you seem to suggest that one ligit voter turned away is terrible and must be avoided at any cost, why isn't one illegal vote a problem?

I'l wait patiently to hear your reply while I wait for Ms. Crawford's list of fiendish republicans. Seriously, I want the names of republicans who want to deny the vote.

Crawford's Take said...

I decided to post as a new blog on it Patrick... I do have a job, 3 children and about 15 volunteer projects in addition to this blog, so forgive the time it too to pull this list... Just so you know if you google GOP and Voter Suppression, you'll find this stuff on the first page. From there I can only imagine the stories you will find. As you can see it's 2 am and your request has kept me up for at least 2 hours that I will be unable to make up before work tomorrow, so again, sorry it took me a few weeks to get back to this little challenge... I know of a few more incidents that are really specific and I don't think in my new post, so I will probably pick another night in a week or so to stay up all night and find them for you... I think I really only need to find somewhere around 6-8 more examples... Not a bad night's work! Rae