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Thursday, May 22, 2008

WTF? DNC-HRC Campaign Mailing...??????

For some unknown and inane reason, just days before the supposedly neutral Democratic National Committee is about to decide how rules will be applied that could have a huge impact on who eventually becomes the Democratic Nominee in a tight, often contentious and incredibly divisive primary season, I get this in the mail today...

Along with this

and a survey on the 2008 Presidential Campaign. I am not even going to begin to discuss the survey questions and the oddness of them. I get these all the time and try to return them, but this is just weird... oh and a solicitation for money... that I at least understand...

That said, for the DNC to put out a campaign mailing for Hillary just days before they decide what to do with Michigan and Florida has to be the most idiotic move I've ever seen by a party attempting to look neutral.

How did this happen? Did some party staffer just lose their mind days before this huge decision is made? Is one hand not paying attention to what the other is doing?

I'm flabbergasted, irritated and worried... What were they thinking? The DNC by its own rules does not interfere with a primary process. Why put this out now? What allow her to use DNC funds to campaign when she is not likely to be the nominee? Why undercut the Obama campaign at this point in the process?

Again, this is a post that will probably get me in trouble with my friends. What they all need to know is this is NOT okay. This was stupid and unnecessary. This destroys the appearance of neutrality in the MI & FL decision, in fact I would venture to say that after this mailing the decision to send out this mailing could actually hurt Hillary's chances of a favorable ruling next week.

Should they end up ruling in her favor, the rumors of the "fix is on" now have tangible proof of a conspiracy.

Howard, my friend, you know I have enormous respect for you and all you do and consider you a friend... I just don't get this decision. After months of pure neutrality, you throw it all out the window for now reason???

What were they thinking??????????????????????????????


Jay Bullock said...

There were stories in the news this last week about Obama and Clinton starting to both raise money for the DNC now that the thing is, um, basically over.

Crawford's Take said...

I just don't get this then, if it's over what is the point of putting campaign lit for the loser in a mailing??? Especially dropping it into a state that overwhelmingly voted for the winner??? Did you read the letter??? You have to remember I have been the political operative working on this stuff on the ground. I know what I'm talking about and I just don't get it... there was no point...