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Friday, June 20, 2008

In Case You Think I'm Too Partisan: Democrats in the House Sold Us Out Today!

Democratic FISA/Immunity Shame! Yes, Ron Kind...I'm talking to you!


Read this Washington Post article. Pay special attention to whom this bill helps and who it hurts... It helps the phone companies and the Bush Administration cover up their crimes, it hurts all the rest of us.

I don't care WHAT spending they "negotiated" for in this bill. It's disgraceful that after months of people telling them NOT to do this, they decide to do it anyway and think we won't notice.

Well, we NOTICED!!! And we're watching the Senate too...

Democrats have for months been trying to sell us out on warrentless wiretapping both past and future. Republican have been on board all along and some democrats have also look the other way, but for some unknown reason, democrats have an itch to sell out the American people.

They did it today.

Democratic (DINO) Representative Ron Kind is at the top of my list of people to call and say "Shame on you"! History will not judge this vote to kill the fourth amendment to the US Constitution kindly...

Of course if you live in Sensenbrenner, Ryan, or Petri's district your only recourse is to vote them out in November. They stopped listening to their constituents years ago and are lost causes until one of them gets a ballot box wake up call...

Shout outs to Steve Kagen, Gwen Moore, David Obey, and Tammy Baldwin who all voted NO today on this and deserve a pat on the back if you have another call in you.

You can do ONE more thing! You can call Herb Kohl (www.senate.gov to find the number) and ask him to stop this in the Senate next week.

Russ is leading the charge in the Senate to protect the Constitution and I'm proud to say loud and clear on this one...

He will only do it if YOU call him! He steadfastly listens to his constituents, but if they don't call, he can be a bit unpredictable, so give Kohl a call today, over the weekend, immediately and tell him to stop the senate version of HR 6304, the FISA Amendments Act of 2008.

I LOVE my country and stood in front of the Constitution and Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence and Magna Carta last week and tears welled in my eyes at the majesty of words to create something grander than ourselves.

That something must not be shreded just months before we get a final say on it's future...

1 comment:

24Independent said...

Thank you for writing in opposition to the FISA Amendments Act. Please don't stop writing on this subject just because a couple days have passed. It's important to keep the pressure up - so that Barack Obama rescinds his support for this terrible law.

Let's do what you've done here - support the Democrats who voted NO, and hound the Democrats who voted YES.