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Friday, June 20, 2008

IN Voter ID = Estimated 43,000 Disfranchised US Citizens

Wisconsin doesn't need Voter ID. The claims of so-called "voter fraud" are only existant in the proposed solution presented by the people who are making the loudest noise about this phantom problem.

In April, an estimated 43,000 Indiana residents and US citizens were disfranchised. That means they were not allowed to vote in their own country because their papers were "not in line". What does that sound like?

From the article above in an Indiana newspaper:

During the recent primary, 12 nuns (all in their 80s and 90s) at the University of Notre Dame tried to use their passports and were turned away. The Amish who don’t permit photographs stayed away in droves. Elderly and poor who don’t drive were prevented from voting. Legally registered out-of-state students were turned away because their licenses were no good. These were groups who traditionally vote Democratic.

That is disgraceful and 43,000 in 50 states could mean at least 2,150,000 people could be disfranchised nationwide if these laws begin to catch on around the country because of irrational and manufactured fears that some idiot some where may decide to try to vote twice... It's just plain nonsensical.

One thing Voter ID being jammed through the largely republican Indiana legislature and given a pass (although tentative) by the SCOTUS does prove is that the GOP will do anything to take away the legitimate right to vote of Americans if they can do it in a way that targets primarily democratic voters.

If republicans cannot legitimately sell their platform to the people of this country, they have no right to take away those same people's democracy. What they should be doing is rethinking the failed and flawed and disasterous, economic, social, global, domestic and security policies that so many Americans have learned to despise merely by allowing the GOP to put them into action.

This highlights the importance of local elections over federal ones most importantly. A state legislature has an enormous amount of power over the people in their state. Pay attention to especially the state assembly and state senate races this fall.

Republican control could mean your right to vote is in jeopardy as well...

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