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Monday, June 23, 2008

Obama About to Roll Over on FISA and Immunity!

I have it from a really trustworthy source that now that we have elected Obama to be our nominee, he's about to roll over on the Fourth Amendment and give the telecoms who spy on us not only carte blanche in the future but also a pass for their illegal activity in the past.

When the Senate votes on FISA and Immunity this week, Barack Obama's going to vote yes...

They cut some deal for a domestic spending package that should have waited for January and in the meantime, they sold us and our Constitution out!!!!

So much for a new kind of politics. So much for change. So much for an end to the madness...

Congress should take the hypocratic oath when they take office "First, do no Harm."

I am furious beyond measure!!!

There may still be time, call Congress (http://www.congress.org/). Your Senators (Kohl) AND Obama's office AND Harry Reid's office today. NOW and tell them not to pass this legislation.

Or click on this link to sign the petition...

The toll they will pay in November will be heavy! We have stopped this legislation before.

Our chances are slim unless we speak out loudly today! Make a phone call. Stop them before the hurt themselves!!!

ONLY the people can stop it now...


David Casper said...

So, since you've been such an outspoken opponent of FISA, and now Obama is going to vote yes, are you thinking of voting independent? ;)

Zach W. said...

No worries...Russ Feingold's probably going to filibuster the bill if it makes it to the floor of the Senate - and that's a big if.