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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Welcome Back Habeas! You Were Missed!

This is incredibly fabulous news for ALL of us worldwide!!!

That the courts upheld a 400 year law (that we all have the right to go to real and impartial court of law when accused of a crime in a timely fashion) which was destroyed by this Administration and Congress (see Military Commission Act) is not the real story here.

The real story is that 4 so-called justices of OUR Supreme Court disagreed...

Those boys really are disgraceful...

Today is a day of CELEBRATION of the right to justice and I applaud the other 5 justices who stood up today.

More later today or over the weekend about my trip to DC for the ACLU Membership Conference. It totally rocked!!!


From an ACLU email:

You can read the decision here: http://www.scotusblog.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2008/06/06-1195.pdfFrom SCOTUSblog: In a stunning blow to the Bush Administration in its war-on-terrorism policies, the Supreme Court ruled Thursday that foreign nationals held at Guantanamo Bay have a right to pursue habeas challenges to their detention. The Court, dividing 5-4, ruled that Congress had not validly taken away habeas rights.http://www.scotusblog.com/wp/court-gives-detainees-habeas-rights/More information to come!


Anonymous said...

"Welcome back, habeas! You were missed," which appears above and was picked up by the MJS is an incongruous thought if ever there was one.

First of all, no one lost their habeas rights under the Military Commission Act, not any American nor anyone legally admitted to the USA, nor any foreigner whether picked up on the battlefield or not. The first group which originally HAD habeas corpus rights, continued to have them. Foreigners have NEVER had them so they could hardly be returned. What has changed is that people who have sworn to destroy us and the constitutional rights on which we are founded, have secured a previously denied right that heretofore was the sole prerogative of Americans and those who had applied and had legally been accepted as permanent residents of this nation.

The infamous five in their black robes have usurped the will of Congress which is the voice of the people and of the Executive Branch. Five Men have taken denied the will of the other two branches of government! And you cheer...!

That we should extend this right to those who have slain Americans without thought or remorse is clearly welcomed by you and the likes of you. But I doubt that all those who have died to defend our God given rights over the life of our nation, habeas corpus among them, would have felt they were doing so for those who would cut American throats, blow American's to bits or fell them as they started their workday on a sunny September morning. Certainly it was not what I held the fort for while my husband served abroad in time of war.

But I guess those are your otherwise referenced "liberal values"!

georgia said...

All I can say to 'anonymous' is this:


Just a little history lesson for you ('anonymous'): "Americans" were mostly slain by Europeans who decided our wonderful country shouldn't belong to AMERICANS - so they slew most of the native Americans... and called the country theirs.

Now we reside here - and we are Americans (of all extractions i.e. German/Irish/English/French/Spanish/Norwegian/Russian etc.) and we don't want ANYONE messing with 'our' stolen goods (our country).

The founding fathers - framers of the constitution - decided that all 'americans' should have CONSTITUTIONAL rights [yet those rights did not apply to the existing true Americans until..... when... Native Americans weren't even considered Americans until 1924 and the last state (UTAH) granted NATIVE AMERICANS the right to vote in 1956..... makes me sad.]

If a prisoner is held for a crime against America - they should be treated as we treat Americans. (And, you do have to admit - we are treating the prisoners kind of like we treated the native americans ---- right?)

Lead by example - what a joke.

I think you 'anonymous' - are willing to drink the 'party' kool-aid. You believe you have some greater right to dis others opinions .... whilst clearly you have no spine or CONVICTIONS of your own (because you can remain.... ANONYMOUS)... (you are awfully good with those "talking points" though)

September 11 was HORRID. Arabs, mostly from Saudi Arabia attacked us - attacked us AGAIN. Did we go after the Saudis????? NO. Did WE kill Osama bin Laden - NO. Did we make a significant dent in Al Queda (Afghanastan) NO. Has our foray into Iraq lessened Al Queda strongholds - - NO.


My (one and ONLY) son joined the Navy AND STILL SERVES THIS COUNTRY NOW- - - .... DID (any of) YOURS???
My brother-in-law was in both Afghanastan and Iraq with the invading forces -
Did ANY member of your family go - is any member of your family willing to put his/her life on the line for ALL OF US??? (look at the families of our fearful leaders..... (Bush-Cheney - Rove - Rumsfeld - Powell - Rice- etc.anyone serving ALL OF US in the military?) Republican leadership is based on talking points only ... and ... Talk is CHEAP.)

So Anonymous: why don't you just get you head out from up your rump and take a good look around.

It's a brave new world out there - - and not everyone is as willing to drink the kool-aid as you.

But hey, being one of those with 'liberal values' I believe everyone should have the right to choice...... Drink up. I heard from Bush and Cheney that the kool-aid is very tasty.

patrick said...


While passionately stated, the situation regarding the native americans really has nothing to do with this supreme court ruling. While it is sad that native americans were not granted full citizenship untill recently (I'll take your claim of 1954 at its face), I'm sure you'll note that slow progress toward our goal of freedom is better than none. Furthermore, native american tribes were not above warring with one another for territory or resources, so don't pretend this was some sort of eden before we arrived. But still, the situation has nothing to do with the supreme court ruling.

Lets be clear: Saudi Arabia didn't attack the US. I don't see why we would attack them--or how these comments are related to the subject. It seems like your grasp of this is just as strong as your grasp of recent history in Afganistan and Iraq. No we didn't kill Bin Laden, but we sure as hell tried. Don't worry, I won't imply as you do that our armed forces are incompetent (I have more respect for your relatives serving in the military). I'm sure that you'll note that the Taliban government sponsored alQaeda before they were routed there. Sure, they are trying to make a comeback, but only the most closed monded wouldn't admt we had made a dent there. The same is true in Iraq, the surge has been very successful and al qaeda is dying there. They are well past the peak of their power, don't you read the news?

As for "Your Reality", please note that putting things in all caps does not make them more true. I thank your son for his service and pray for his safe return. One of my cousins served in Gulf War I and many of the students I've worked with are in the military (and they could all read). But the fact that you have relatives serving does not make you an expert nor does it make your words more truthful. It is rather rude of you too to demonstrate such a lack of respect to guests at Crawford's Take who are invited to post anonymously here. After all, "georgia" is just as anonymous as "patrick" or "anonymous"