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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Apology to Andy Feldman

Last night, I posted on the 22nd Assembly district race and that insinuated that Andy Feldman may have been a Clean Sweep candidate...

I was completely off base and wrong about that and I am deeply sorry for any distress I caused Andy, his supporters and his staff today.

Andy is not a Clean Sweep candidate. I am convinced now that he is a democrat, a moderate democrat, but none-the-less an actual life long democrat. He is a supporter of Planned Parenthood, and his main focus has been public policy particularly the study of economic solutions for anti-poverty issues for literally decades and after a long and thoughtful discussion with him, his staff and several of his supporters, I have been convinced that I was wrong in my original post.

Because of that, I have pulled the entire post and this is my full retraction of all the information relating to Andy's campaign.

Here is an excerpt from Andy's doctoral thesis: "One implication may be that people need more intensive help to prepare them for employment and support them once on the job."

I also want to reiterate that the original post was ONLY my personal observations and conjecture. It was not based on conversations or collusion with any other campaigns or people. I take full responsibility for everything I post here even when I get the story wrong. It was prior to a deeper conversation with Andy and I sincerely apologize again for taking my observations to a level I was not prepared to defend.

What you will always find here at Crawford's Take is what I think, feel, or perhaps even what I suspect. When it's something in that last category, I will always encourage corrections (as I did in the original post) and be clear about my lack of proof (I called it "circumstantial evidence" originally) and post new information as it arises, and even, if warranted, as in this case slap myself on the wrist for posting a theory unresearched in the middle of the night...

All this said, he's still not my candidate in the primary. I think his resume shows a background that is weighted to academics rather than real life, and I find his posted issues page unintelligible as to what he would actually do as our representative.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Looking for info about Feldman's campaign (I haven't yet picked a horse in this race), I stumbled on your now-deleted post (which is still accessible in the Google cache).

The main thing wrong with your post, in my anonymous view, is your view of your neighbor, whose support for Feldman is the source of your suspicion that Feldman is not a 'real' Democrat. Why shouldn't your Republican neighbor back a Democrat in this race?

The sensible view is that it's a good thing if a Democrat can generate some crossover appeal. Of course, it depends how he or she does it. But your stance seemed to be that the appeal itself must be suspect.

I know people who refused to back Obama in the primary because they know conservatives who like him. They don't disagree with Obama on the issues. They merely find it 'suspicious' that he appeals to some conservatives.

Bad, and sad, reasoning in both cases. You should be glad that your neighbor is supporting a Democrat!