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Monday, July 07, 2008

New Website pays You and I: PayPerPost.com

Okay, so I found this new website http://payperpost.com that pays per post. I have a few things to say about it. You will ALWAYS find the sponsored logo on sponsored posts.

According to the website, if you review my blog posts, you get paid, if I post on a specific topic they request (at my choosing) I get paid, and somehow that I haven't yet ascertained, the sponsors get paid.

Regardless, it seems harmless, a few extra bucks a month can't hurt the cause and who knows, maybe it's something that will catch on!

Well, take a look at it, see if you want to join. Use MY links on the sidebar to complete the log in and go see them (I get paid if you do LOL!).

Review my posts (by choosing the review link below).

Any thoughts on this are welcome and appreciated. Anyone else have experience with them? I got my first payday and it's kinda cool...

One other thing, as many of you know, I'm pretty principled. I won't take responsibility for any products/orgs, etc... blogged on thru this program, BUT, I also will screen any that are against my sensibilies (you won't see any WI Right to Life posts LOL) and will try not to inundate my blog too much to make sure it maintains the flavor that my friends out here have come to love.


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