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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Night of Facebook Action: FISA Vote Postponed Until Wed! Still Time to Act Tonight!

I am SO proud of my fellow Americans!!! You are responding to calls all over the internet to fill Senators' voicemails and inboxes with demands to Get FISA Right! Keep it up! It's working.

They are terrified to take this vote at this point and have delayed it 3 times in the last week!

Make them think somemore. Make them more nervous.

If they insist on operating out of fear, then let the fear be of their own constitutents!!!

Americans get this! We get this! Let's MAKE our Senators get this!

The vote on FISA and Immunity has been postponed until approximately noon tomorrow. That leaves us tonight to make a splash and show that American's will NOT give away our Fourth Amendment without a fight!

Call Senator Feingold and thank him for his stellar patriotism on this issue. Call Kohl and ask him to vote yes on the Feingold, Leahy, Dodd Amendment removing immunity and no on the FISA bill.

Tonight is the night! We can make a stand by making these phone calls and joining the Facebook groups (don't have a Facebook account? get one! it's free and easy!). Help us set a Guiness World Record for the fastest growing FB group tonight!!!

Go to:

and do everything they ask! they have great ideas and tonight YOU can make a difference.

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