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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

On Other Matters: War Powers Commission Report

The bipartisan National War Powers Commission released it's report today. Article in the Washington Times.

War Powers Commission Report
Two former Secretaries of State, Warren Christopher (Clinton) and James A. Baker, III (George H.W. Bush) released a report on war powers. The two co-chaired the National War Powers Commission sponsored by the Miller Centers, the Univ. of Virginia's public policy institute. The report offers recommendations on war making for the President and Congress. It proposes a new Act of Congress (War Powers Consultation Act of 2009) to help define a process by which the President and Congress can consult prior to entering into a "significant armed conflict" defined explicitly among other things as being anything expected to be or actually lasting longer than one week.

I'm not sure how I feel about this yet. I've only skimmed the report, but my gut is telling me to give this idea a chance... and to read it carefully... anything is better than the lack of any process we have now and this seems to be well researched and thought out.

Read it, and form your own opinion. I find it actually easy to read, not too long and written for the general public. Don't be frightened by it's length of 72 pages... It is full of pictures, the text is large and it has a lot of white space, so it should be manageable to read in an evening.

Post back on your thoughts!

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