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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rove Target's Kagen as #1 Candidate to Beat in 2008

Word is that this is above Obama...

Word from the beat is that Karl Rove has decided that Steve Kagen a humble and brillant doctor from the Green Bay/Appleton area who won against all odds in 2006 and has been just an amazing representative for the 8th Congressional District in Wisconsin is his number one seat in the entire country to win in 2008.

This means that the television, radio and newspapers will get paid this fall for more than broadcasting Packers games (which is a good thing since it looks like we are going with the second string this fall...). It also means that the good people of the 8th CD are going to be bombarded with a campaign like they have never seen before.

Not only has an enormous amount of money been thrown in nationally to tell lies about and try to defeat an excellent congressman after only one term, but they also hired one of the nastiest campaign consultants to manage Gard's campaign that Wisconsin has seen in years. This is the same guy who gave us the unbelieveably nasty Gablemann campaign this spring and with nothing to run against Steve Kagen on, you can bet he's going to make up some whoppers!!!

This race is unbelieveably important and the great people in Northeastern WI now have a choice to make that is stunning. Ignore the onslaught that is about to hit them and reelect a great Congressman or go back to the ugly politics of the past...


Anonymous said...

If Kagen wants to win he needs to not alienate the 80% who support medical marijuana by voting with the GOP on the Hinchey medical marijuana amendment coming up soon. Last year he blew it big time. Hopefully he has learned he needs a different policy on medical marijuana than John Gard.

Anonymous said...

if Kagen would end his obsession with Karl Rove (and lying) we could take him a little more seriously. The Post nothing picked up this rumor, but its nothing more than Kagen raising cash by using the evil Rove to scare people. Politics as usual.

georgia said...

What hubris.
Karl Rove is the evil little TOAD who comes out to snipe at the Senslessbummer's enemys. Why should the Senslessbummer have any contention in the House???? Rove(r), the repugnant attack dog (not to be confused with THEIR other attach dog - a well seasoned breeder hey- the pitbullinlipstick Palin)
Republicans - pay no attention to the man behind the curtains - - - he's only a pig opps figment of your imagination. (wish it were so.)

What's with all the anonymous postings?
No convictions you are willing to own up to?????

Anonymous said...

Thank you brother to explain all this to people. It is a great help! A big thank you for this post and to your website at all. I just loved.