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Friday, August 01, 2008

Black Conservatives and the Media

I think CNN must have found every black conservative in the entire world... If you watch CNN and FOX News, you would think that there aren't any black people who are liberal in this entire country!

The disproportionate number of black conservatives suddenly on television is just really stunning to me. Tonight 2 black commentators were on and they were both conservative operatives. What's even more strange about it is that the black conservatives are brought on to discuss only one issue.

Barack Obama.

They almost never discuss McCain. They certainly don't discuss the Iraq War, the energy crisis, the recession, th Sudan, or anything else to do with the insanity in this world, white people get to discuss those issues. No instead, they discuss in painful and often inane depth what's wrong with Obama and his campaign.

McCain gets a total pass on this issue by the way.

I mention this because in all of Milwaukee I can think of 3 true black conservatives. All of them directly involved in media and or working for a politician. Beyond that, I'm sure there are maybe another couple hundred somewhere, but the overwhelming majority of blacks in Milwaukee and nationwide are progressives. Democrats. They would have voted for the democrat regardless and now are just more likely to vote in November because the candidate is Obama. They can tell you in depth why they like him, his messages, his family and why they KNOW he's a christian... They can tell you in depth about the effects of high gas prices, how a loaf of bread has gone up 75 cents in the last year and why they are unemployed.

Why aren't any of these people on CNN? Why only the handful of blacks in America who read a Sowell book and actually believed the shoddy research and ridiculous conclusions in it? The ones who were so angry about being black in America that they turned their backs on the very affirmative action that forced universities to give them the education they now use to deny that same education to the next generation... so they can get a fat paycheck and pretend that the store clerk still doesn't watch them when they walk into a store.

Where did they find these people? Why are they the ONLY black political activists they seem to be able to find in America? I know hundreds of people who would love to get a CNN commentator gig. All black, all progressive, all articulate and brilliant with a wealth of knowledge and experience, and that's in Milwaukee alone. I get FOX, that's their gig, biased and idiotic talking points faxed straight from the White House, the Heritage Foundation and GOP headquarters, but over the last few weeks, CNN has dredged the bottom of the barrel to find as many black conservatives as there must be in the entire country!

This is what bothers me most. Knowing they are black conservatives is one thing, trying to understand how they can at this point choose to go public to oppose such a historical candidate is beyond my comprehension. I would have a hard time opposing Condoleezza Rice (whom I despise) if she were the lone and first black female candidate for president. But then, perhaps that's the point.

Obama got the same education they did, he worked hard, ignored the teachers who told him he wasn't good at whatever (all black people have had that teacher who told them they just couldn't "get" something), and in the end achieved so much more than these television hacks ever could have imagined, but how did he achieve it?

He went back home to a difficult community with people so oppressed that hope had died and he organized, became a role model, helped people. Not by making their situations worse, but by actually putting his feet on the ground and trying to help one community, one family, one child at a time. He found hope. Now he's telling us about it.

What the black conservatives really hate is that they thought they were playing the game by adopting the rules and games of the rich and bigoted, only to find out they are relegated to 3-5 minute spots fighting with other black conservatives about what's wrong with Obama, while Obama is poised to win the presidency of the United States of America.

To these people an Obama win is disasterous, a slap in the face and specifically it will highlight their shame for (I hate to use this term, but I was offered the $150,000/year starting pay job to switch parties and turned it down flatly and disgusted...) selling out. That's what they have done. They have sold out and they can disguise it anyway they want, but one of my few black conservative friends told me outright when I asked how the child of a civil rights activist became a republican, "That's where the money is..."

So when you see these black conservatives on television, remember this. They do not represent ANY significant faction of the opinion of the majority of the members of the black community in America. Perhaps only the 2% who sold out. That leaves 98% of black Americans unrepresented on cable news. They are conservatives because the GOP pays well, very well, unbelieveably well for you to sell out.

When Americans asked CNN to diversify their news staff, this was definitely not what we had in mind. Diversification is only partially a factor of the color of skin or what hangs or doesn't hang between ones legs. Diversification is only real if the diverse people represent the majority of the community they are identified with overwhelmingly. Not to say that there isn't a place for the sellouts. It's not that their paid for opinions should be shut out.

CNN just needs to balance them with a more representative group of black progressives who actually can speak on behalf of the majority of blacks in America.


Compassionate Badger said...

I really appreciate this post because this issue has been bothering me for awhile.

You last sentence is the truth of it all: "CNN just needs to balance them with a more representative group of black progressives who actually can speak on behalf of the majority of blacks in America."

I'm not sure that will happen though.

Brandon Lacy Campos said...

Go on ahead Miss Renee...that light skinned conservative black young woman that they have on every pundit show is the one that really gives me the heeby jeebies. Mostly because she looks as if she could be a relative!