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(The watercolor is called Magnolia Tree for Momma, by Audrey Crawford)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Crawford's Take Easier to Find!

I found out it's totally simple and cheap to get your own URL for your blog. For $10, Blogger.com will reserve your personal URL and make it that much easier to find your work!

So if you use the old links they do still work, I suggest you update your URL for Crawford's Take to http://www.crawfordstake.com/.

I don't know why I'm quite so excited about this, but I just am...

Happy reading and perhaps more today. This whole Bush, Putin, Russia, Georgia, Olympics story is driving me nuts and if I have time, I'll give you my take!


Anonymous said...

I think your URL is missing the "s"


Crawford's Take said...

Youare correct. I have made the correction. Thank you for the heads up!