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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Favre, Favre, Favre = Go Jets!

I have been a lifelong Packers fan first and foremost. At 7 my grandpa couldn't stand me running in front of the TV anymore during a Packers game and said, "Come here and sit with me."

Excited as heck that I'd finally gotten his attention, I cuddled into the "crook" (that sweet space under grandpa's arm...) and grandpa looked at me smiled and said,

"See that, it's first and ten and that means they have to move that ball at least ten yards in four plays to get another first and ten."

"That shouldn't be that hard grandpa." I said. He laughed that deep hearty loving laugh I have missed for decades.

We sat on that couch and he taught me football. I'm not sure why I love this game. It could be that the game is fabulous, exciting and brutal... or it could be that the game will always remind me of how amazing it was to spend 4 hours on a Sunday nuzzled into grandpa's "crook"....

For whatever the reason, I am today madly in love with my Packers and the great game of football. It is my priviledge and honor to have watched every game Brett Favre has played for the last 16 years. I'm not going to get into all the ugliness of that battle. I'm just going to say this. I cannot turn off my loyalty to Favre anymore than I can turn off my lifelong love of the Green Bay Packers...

This leaves me in a dilemna... Well, not really...

I have decided I wish the Packers and Rogers no ill will. I hope to high heaven they have a great season.

They will not.

So I'm now declaring myself a temporary Jets fan with my tenure to end with the Favre era. I've never hated them, had a soft spot for them since Broadway Joe years (this goes back to grandpa who loved Joe, and while I'm here grandpa Jim was from Pittsburgh so I'm a Steelers fan as much as a Packers fan), even have a soft spot for Buffalo although that's technically irrelevant here... I HATE the Giants so this all fits quite well in my twisted football logic.

I have no choice this year but to try to watch every Jets game I can... Cheer like hell when Brett wins and hope he gets a few more shots at those rings.

I love ya man and miss you here in Wisconsin already, but SO happy that you found a home I can live with if only temporarily...

All this said, when I did political canvassing for fall elections for 20 years, one thing we learned (and taught newcomers immediately) is that you do NOT under any circumstances knock on a Wisconsin resident's door in the middle of a Packers game to discuss politics. This is political suicide and I directed my candidates to local sports bars to watch the games with groups of people instead.

Somehow, I don't think this will be as big a deal this time around...

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