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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Morning Humiliation

My dad wanted to paint his house, so on the way to work this morning, I stopped by Sherwin Williams in Shorewood (corner of Edgewood and Oakland) to get some ideas on colors and to begin pricing the paint for the job.

I walk up to the counter and the "salesman" (I'll call this sales person "Dick") behind the counter sees me while he's on the phone.... He keeps talking. Other salesmen are walking around bsin' and they are totally ignoring me as well. Finally, the "Dick" behind the desk gets off the phone and looks at me very briefly although not in the eyes and turns his back on me and starts an order mixing paint.

Everyone else is still ignoring me... although they are doing nothing but gabbing with each other behind the counter and on the floor. I stand there dumbfounded but patiently waiting for someone any of them to ask me if I needed any help. Now mind you I'm one of 2 people in the store. It's 8:45 am and the store is relatively dead.

This "Dick" deliberately keeps his back to me and continues mixing paint, and when he can't do anything with that, starts playing with the order on the computer. I'm pretty savvy and have nothing else to do, so I watch as he adds, and takes off and re-adds the same stuff to the computer over and over again for no apparent reason and then turns and looks at the paint mixing machine and the back to the computer. The entire time, the order on the computer was the same. This went on and on for at least a full 10 minutes!!! (Have you ever stood obviously wanting help from a sales person for 10 minutes and been completely ignored? It's infuriating right? Imagine that in this scenario...)

Finally another customer (white and male) walks up to the counter and amazingly "Dick" who had not seen me for the past 10 minutes standing two feet from him, suddenly gets eyes in the back of his head and immediately turns around and says to him "What can I do for you guy?"

The customer says, "I need a color book." (Free books of colors you can take with you and bring back.). "Dick" walks over grabs the color book from a box on the counter directly in front of me, looks at me (again not in the eyes although I'm clearly trying to make eye contact) and hands the color book to the customer.

Then "Dick" turns around, looks at me again this time in the eyes, says not a word (he didn't have to it was in his eyes...), and turns his back to me to start mixing paint again and adding, removing and readding stuff to the computer again. Completely and fully and knowingly and deliberately ignoring me again. Now he was even baiting me! Daring me to challenge his hatred of my presence in the store...

By this time the other sales people in the store had turned to watch the show but not one of them came to my rescue. I not only was humiliated, but I had an audience enjoying my pain. Not one would step in and cross "Dick" who had made up his mind that I was not going to be serviced today for any reason.

I felt like a ghost. I was humiliated. I was furious and I turned around and walked out. I never said a word for the 10 minutes plus I was in the place. No one there would give me a chance to even open my mouth. I can't describe the pain I just endured so needlessly and so deliberately thrown at me for no reason! How can a human being treat another human being so horribly?

Now this kind of stuff happened to me 10 years ago. It happened to me 20 years ago and it first happened to me at 14 years old where I was aware of it... I am usually the last person to say I've been discriminated against for my race or gender (I honestly don't know if it was either or both of those things)...

I will throw every excuse out there for the person doing wrong. I will toss it out to my imagination and usually it's subtle enough that I can convince myself that is the case, but this time, I couldn't ignore it. I was not allowed to ignore it. It was forced on my so blatantly and with such rancor I had no choice but to acknowledge the pain for what it was...

I was discriminated against and mistreated this morning. Even saying that hurts me. It was done 4 blocks from my home and it was done with deliberate calculation and malice. I cannot push this aside. I have been left no choice, but to tell someone...

I am really hurt and the only place I feel I can turn this minute is to you, my readers. Have you ever experienced an episode similar to this? How did it make you feel? What did you do?

1 comment:

georgia said...

This so ticks me off I want to call Sherwin-Williams and file a complaint!
That "shop" (I'll not call it a store as it offered you no SERVICE)certainly has no customer savy - and to have all the sales folks complicit in the deed..... (I am certain the store owner would be embarassed by the actions of their staff... right.)
I am pledging you: from this day forward NO SHERWIN-WILLIAMS paint will cover any of our walls....

and I'm sending a link of this to all my kids/friends/siblings and asking that they not give Sherwin-Williams any of their business either.

This is despicable!