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Friday, August 29, 2008

The Oil Queen

Well, McCain has made his pick and it's the female Dick Cheney!

No politician in this country is more in bed with the oil industry in this world than Sarah Palin. In Alaska, the only business is oil, it's economy is 90% driven by the oil business, and oil is something Palin knows A LOT about! She was chairman of a oil and gas conservation league! You don't get elected to anything in Alaska if the oil and gas companies don't want you to win.

How ironic (or prophetic) that for months now, McCain has been painted as the new George Bush and now, when he goes to pick a running mate, he picks Dick Cheney's female clone. Expect a lot of money dumping into the McCain campaign from here on out. He's picked an oil industry insider and we already know what that combination's given us for the last 8 years.

Don't underestimate this woman. She went after corrupt public officials in Alaska on the take from the oil industry. On the streets, they call this a payola war. The gang (oil industry) gets tired of paying off the dirty cops (the GOP electeds), so they turn in the dirty cops including the DA (Stevens) who's shielding them, in exchange for immunity, and put their own guy (or gal in this case) in the DA's office. Now the gang pays less and gets more... in this case, they are banking on a LOT more. The White House and control of energy policy for another 4 years. Her husband WORKS for BP... should we call her B Palin?

This energy thing is a simple arguement between the two parties. The outcomes cannot be more different.

The Oil (GOP) party wants to control both the ownership and supply and demand of oil forever taking it out of the hands of governmental authority all together and not ever being beholden to an election again, while have the full power to pump, drill and process as much or as little as they want to manipulate profits at our expense for eternity. In other words, business as usual and limit competition as much as possible. This plan serves only one master the Oil tycoons...

The Alternative Energy (DEM) party sees a very different future. We know for a fact that an entire country, even our country can be fueled without the oil industry altogether. The technology has already been developed and proven to work. Application of it is an infrastructure issue. What the AE side envisions is an America that drops it's demand for oil so low that the price on the little we do use plummets.

Infrastructure building means jobs, tax incentives and lower costs to consumers. It means innovation, entrepreneurship, new industry, new wealth and finally independence from not just the terrorists abroad, but also the ones at home who drive up oil prices in false money changing scams in invisible "markets" and drive our economy into the toilet because they need to steal another record $trillion profit this year. They have stockholder wealth to consider afterall...

I can understand why the oil industry is fighting alternative energy. They have a good thing and would have to spend those profits (so much for the trickle down theory) instead of buy themselves another yacht in order to catch up. They don't want America to be independent of their industry!!! Why would they? They've got a good thing going right now for them and damn us all...

Now from MY perspective, I am quite sure I've had enough of the oil industry running the White House.

I actually found a gas receipt from 1999 that read 99 cents/gallon. That was ONLY 8 years ago! I don't know about you, but if my gas prices go up another $3/gallon, I'll be on welfare...

The choice of Sarah Palin the embodiment of big oil is to me the epitome of how out of touch the McCain campaign is with the intelligence of the American people.

Wow. I'm stunned that McCain would be so blatant about his alliance with Big Oil.

We just cannot afford another 4 years of this mess on this issue alone.

Update: For more on the background of the Oil Queen, read this post from a friend.

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Anonymous said...

No no no - you have titled this one incorrectly! Should read "McSame Names Self-annointed Oily Queen His "Option"!"

No republican believes in CHOICE.