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Friday, August 29, 2008

Okay... Here's Some Fun Putting Palin in Perspective

Alaska's entire population is about 670,000.

That's smaller than 17 cities in the US and just a touch bigger than Memphis and about the same as Milwaukee. Not Milwaukee County, but the City of Milwaukee...

Even better, the suburb she came from is about 2/3 the size of Shorewood, WI.

So this woman in perspective went from Shorewood Village President level
Publish Post
(and that's pushing it...) to Mayor of Milwaukee in responsibility level and somehow she's now qualified to run the free world because along the way, she got real tied in with the oil industry and Tony Perkins???

I'm just stunned at how irresponsible this choice is...


krshorewood said...

Guy Johnson for President!

georgia said...

OBAMA/BIDEN 'o8.....

McCain/Palin can meet Bin Laden at the Gates (of hell)

Brice said...


I couln't get a hold of max to get your email -- so lo and behold; Google. Awesome site! :)

Palin was a nail in McCain's coffin. What a moron. Slick Willie's speach was amazing and Obama can't loose. He's a man better than most that's poised to restore our foreign policy and common sense.


Come join the league! It should be fun. Bring along Mike too :)


See you on board!

Brice said...

Oh yeah... regarding Biden for VP; I think Tony Bennett would have been a much better choice. Also, McBush should have chosen Tiger Woods instead of Palin.

georgia said...

My Republican (not TOO repugnant) friend just told me I was bitter.

Bitter because I said - jeeez - a woman 36 weeks pregnant KNOWING she is having a high risk baby and her amniotic sac is leaking - flys 11 hours before seeing a doctor? I question that womans judgement. I don't think that's a good choice for a heartbeat away from becomming POTUS.

So, my friend -said 'after hearing the LIBERAL PRESS and (are you ready for this) all those liberal ANTIFEMINISTs out to get the "candidate". They all hate that she has so much more foriegn relations experience........... (because SHE single handedly got the natural gas line from Alaska to the contiguous states through Canada.)'

If it weren't for the fact - that's what all fixed (Fox) news commentators are spouting - it would be laughable. This is the FAR right's (boring- boring- and inaccurate) song.... Palin is experienced.

That 'abstinence only' sex education sure works well, doesn't it?(That is the question I really want to ask Sarah and Todd!)
Palin is pro-life and she opted NOT to abort a down syndrome child. Palin is so pro-life she's happy about her 17 year old daughter's pregnancy.

Says a whole volume about McBush's vetting policy doesn't it. Do you suppose he and his CindylouWho knew Palin's seventeen year old daughter was preggers? AND - if this is what he thinks main-stream America wants - who the heck would he have in his cabinet..... shudder - shudder - shudder

McCain has no clue.

Anonymous said...

All the pieces are in place and Karl Rove is bragging about McCain's "brilliant" political choice of a running mate. This is the key - Rove can never resist bragging about his own genius. In this case, as in most others, he may deserve credit for the coup.

Palin is a Trojan Horse. She's pulling in millions in small contributions for the McCain campaign - the same dribs and drabs from the "grass roots" that the Democrats thought were so important to Obama. Liberals, likely incited by right wing PR operatives, have piled on Palin in a way guaranteed to win the sympathy of millions of evangelical voters who may have stayed home in November. Now they've opened their hearts and their wallets, and they will be showing up at the polls.

Palin will soldier on until October, then she will tearfully exit to address some overwhelming and heartbreaking family tragedy already in the making. She will be viewed as a martyr, further binding the religious right to the Republican ticket. She will mirror Hillary Clinton's call to her followers to support Obama, and endorse the new ticket:


This will be viewed by the masses as the greatest "reaching across the aisle" move in history. The so-called center, which has been dragged so far to the right as to be unrecognizable to a reincarnated Eisenhower, will flock to this ticket. With a now bulging McCain campaign war chest, the final month of the campaign season will find the Obama ticket completely marginalized by the media who will spend a month expounding on this dramatic turn of events. McCain will be at parity on small contributions, the media buys will be astronomical, and what most Americans will see is two familiar looking old white guys running against a young black guy.

Game over, folks. You wonder why the Clintons look grim these days? They were our best shot. I'm not saying that even they could have beaten Rove at this game, but think for just a second or two of how Palin would have played against Clinton. How Lieberman would have played against Clinton. Do you have any more questions about why the MSM was so anxious to join the Obama folks in bashing the Clintons and calling them racists?

Now we'll all have to grow up, one way or another. No whining. We did this to ourselves. We wanted charisma and we were willing to go broke for it. People like me are hated and trashed by the Obama diehards. That's OK. I can take it. But I'm not a newbie at observing and working at the grass roots level, and neither are many of the 18 million of your fellow citizens who tried to nominate an accomplished and powerful opponent to the Republican machine. You wanted a new face, and you got him. God help us all.

Elizabeth said...

"People like me are hated and trashed by the Obama diehards. That's OK. I can take it."
Really? Then why are you posting anonymously?

Interesting and scary theory, though.

georgia said...

Hey - STOP all that whinning about H.R. Clinton.
It's patheticly SAD.
Hilary will make the best damned Supreme Court Justice EVER.
She will be in her glory - and really, could effect far more change there .... think about it.
We just ALL have to VOTE.
Obama is the ONLY change offered this election... we sure as hell don't need 4 more years of McSame and Pa(l)in.
Obama will POSSIBLY have two supremes to replace (Bader-Ginsburg and Stevens)... IF those supreme selections go to a Republican - ESPECIALLY ONE WHO IS VOWING to overturn Roe..... it's all over.
McLame was on 'The View' telling all of us how he wanted to return to the 'Constitution of the Founding Fathers'.
Ya - no votes for women. minorities or ANYONE ELSE NOT A LANDOWNER..... (not to mention a return to salvery) what a 'novel' idea.