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Friday, August 29, 2008

PUMA Leader Gave $500 to John McCain In 2000!!!



And confirms to a blogger that she not only DONATED to McCain, but VOTED for him in the primary!

Now she says she contributed $500 to stop Bush in this interview, but then in the tv interview admits she gave money to Bush in 2004...

But oddly enough, she's NEVER contributed a dime to ANY candidates at any level of government in Massachusetts EVER!!! (Perhaps she gave through a husband's name? don't know...)

And she admits in this interview that she donated to Bush in 2004 and says she gave $700 to Hillary in 2008, but neither of those donations show up on opensecrets.org


If you are a woman who still thinks PUMA is a fellow Dem like you, who just wanted Hillary so badly, you've been played....

This woman is a Republican/McCain plant who used your pain against you... They are really disgusting.

McCain should be ashamed of himself for this cynical and hateful ploy to exploit women and their disappointment. His lack of respect for women seems endless...

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