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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Brown Goes After McCain Over Sexist Treatment of Palin

I LOVE THIS STORY!!! Free Sarah Palin. Hahahahaha!

I laughed all the way through it! Way to go Campbell. I generally have a certain respectful lack of interest in Campbell Brown as a reporter, but she went at it today and my interest in her has peaked enormously as a result.

I was going to write a story on this issue (Palin being kept from all reporters at all times regardless of the reporter), but now that Campbell has gone ape-sh*t over it, it no longer seems that necessary to comment much further.

I do want to say that seeing O'Reilly, Cavuto, Dobbs, and Hannity fight over who gets to interview her and watching none of them get the gig until the campaign finally gave up and gave it to Hannity last week was hilarious. Now O'Reilly is just about to flip out daily and the others are quietly fuming about it.

On top of that, Palin can't talk to reporters not on a plane, not on a bus, not on a train, not in the rain, not in a house... you know the rest... (thanks Ted...rip). They let her out to speak with a prompter and they put her in front of reporters they know will be nice, but only RARELY...

It has been fun to watch them all at first make comments like "You are welcome at any time." Then it moved to "Well, I'm sure you'll be on soon". To now a quiet simmering of anger that's actually making Faux News fun to watch these days.

The real story though was totally nailed by Campbell. If this woman is supposed to be strong, smart, savvy and worldly enough to be president (which is the qualification to be VP), then why are they sheilding her from any scrutiny? Is it because they're sexist?

Campbell, today you are the woman who rocked me! LOL

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