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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Debate and Upfront!

You can watch the segment that James Widgerson and I did with Mike Gousha here.

Honestly, I had a blast with this! Mike is just a doll. What an easy going nice man, it was really a pleasure to be on his show.

James and I had a great time as well. We watched the debate, ate pizza and gabbed and joked about the event as it was going on. Let me tell you a little secret about us conservative and liberal bloggers, most of us know each other. Most of us grew up in Wisconsin and guess what, as long as we don't talk politics, usually we get along really well and even when we do talk politics, we respect each other's work well enough that we don't get into heated discussions. We instead civilly make our points agree to disagree (and occasionally to agree) and move on.
In many ways I think we are kindred spirits who have passions and are willing to take a bold step and discuss those passions with the world and that makes us more alike than unalike most times. Some of my favorite conservative bloggers (I don't agree with any of these guys btw) are Owen Robinson, Dave Casper, James Widgerson and Dean Mundy. They are all really nice guys regardless of their "wrong-headed policies" (I loved it when Barack used that phrase in the debate...) and I respect the work they do... someday, they'll come around LOL!

The only bummer I can think of from the entire experience is that they only have one make up artist and she was stolen from me by Joe Biden! LOLOLOL! I punted and used lipstick for blush (women are resourceful) and it was all good though.
Big shout out to Joan at Three Graces, 207 E Buffalo Street! She rocked me out with that awesome scarf and made the outfit work. I LOVE Three Graces and Joan, her taste in clothing styles never ceases to amaze me and you cannot go wrong if you need something quick that's gonna look awesome on you. On top of that she's got a way with people and is really a good friend. I just really wanna thank her for being there for me with the loaner.

Now about the debate itself.

One of the things James and I did during the debate was to start listing the catch phrases of the debate. They were actually really funny... "main street" was used so many times we wanted to start a drinking game over it. Then there was McCain with "you don't understand" and if I had my notes I'd remember a few others that had us cracking up...
I think I got two things from is: First, I thought Obama really connected. He wasn't stunning, he wasn't insanely exciting, but he was "presidential" and as James said, that's all he needs to be right now with the train wreck that is the McCain campaign. Second, I thought McCain seemed out of touch, at times almost angry (he didn't smile the entire debate) and as my friend Jackie said, "Obama seemed to be talking to me and McCain seemed to be talking at me".
The polls seem to be reflecting the same. Although many people cautiously said it was a tie (including me) with Obama coming off slightly better, I think the combination of the debate and the insanity of this financial crisis, James may be onto something...

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