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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Getting Off Soon and Going to Vote?

Write in Doug Cvetkovich in the 5th CD Democratic Primary.

Vote for Sandy Pasch

Vote for these real Democrats
1. Vote for Rep. Pedro Colon - District 8
2. Vote for Rep. Tony Staskunas - District 15
3. Vote for Rep. Leon Young - District 16
4. Vote for Rep. Barbara Toles - District 17
5. Vote for Rep. Chris Siniki - District 20

Vote for Cong. Steve Kagen (8th CD Green Bay/Appleton area)
Vote for Kelda Helen Roys (Madison area Assembly race)
Vote for Paulette Garin (1st CD Racine area)
Vote for Perry Duman (Assembly Dem in the Port Washington area... LOVE this guy!)

Vote for some County Clerk although I don't get this race enough to say which one... Sorry, just not paying attention, so if both wanna make their case, they can go ahead in my comments.

Those are my endorsements! Have fun and no matter what you do tonight, if you haven't already, GO VOTE!

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