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Friday, September 19, 2008

GOP Voter Surpression

The Attorney General of the State of WI, JB Van Hollen filed a frivolous lawsuit against the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board last week that threatens to disfranchise up to one million legitimate WI voters in November creating an election administration nightmare and bottling up the polling places statewide in a move that would make WI look frighteningly similar to Ohio in 2004 when voters waited up to 22 hours to cast a ballot...

Okay, so why would he do that? Isn't he supposed to protect the voters?

No, not when those who would most likely be disfranchised should the AG prevail are the students, elderly, poor and minorities in this state.

Well, coincidentally, the AG is co-chair of the John McCain campaign in Wisconsin. Hmmmm Suspicious huh? Could this be a partisan attempt to use the Attorney General's office for political gain? Well, you would have to have proof of that right?

Well, according to a One WI Now press release today, it's getting really fishy...

OWN did an open records request to see if the Attorney General's office consulted with the McCain campaign or the Wisconsin GOP on this lawsuit prior to filing it. That would be really bad...

For an elected official in a major election year who is co-chair of a Presidential candidates campaign to consult with only ONE political party (the same one to which both he and that POTUS candidate belong) to design a lawsuit that could disfranchise large numbers of voters primarily expected to vote for their opponent would be REALLY BAD form...

They wouldn't do something that blatant would they??? They couldn't possibly be attempting to steal the election in Wisconsin an important swing state would they???

Well, it sure would look like that wouldn't it?

It seems that may be the case... Disgusting... You can't put up proposals that are attractive to Wisconsin voters, so you're only option and the one you are pursuing is to stop them from voting???

Why is ANYONE voting for these people? Why aren't we polling a landslide?

Get on board, before they take even your right to vote away from you...

By the way... Who voted for this guy anyway???

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josef k. said...

HOW do we stop these "a" holes from stealing the election?