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Thursday, September 25, 2008

How Did I Suddenly Get in Line with My Nemesis The Heritage Foundation?

This list of guiding principles from the evil Heritage Foundation for the financial crisis seems reasonable to me... It sounds like my talking points on this all week!

The days of the Bush temper tantrums seem to be waning...

Especially when they go against the wishes of the Heritage Foundation...

I'm suddenly as confused as I was earlier this week when I realized I agreed with Pat Buchanan as well...

This bailout must be a REALLY bad idea if conservatives and liberals all agree it's idiotic.

I'm really glad Congress killed it tonight. Neither the Democrats or the Republicans wanted it, so the GOP walked and the Dems said "Well, it was your president's plan, we don't want it anyway..." And they sure as hell weren't voting for it without the GOP on board! LOL!

Nice work! Kill a crappy plan no one thinks is a good idea and then blame each other for it. American Democracy at it's best!

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Anonymous said...

LOL! I made your ego wall!

Just that one post. Not all the time :)