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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Milwaukee Public School Board Votes to Provide Domestic Partnership Benefits Tonight!

In a huge step forward for civil rights in Milwaukee. The Milwaukee Public School Board voted 7 to 2 to provide domestic partnership benefits to it's employees.

This was a crazy battle. The first meetings were cordial and reasonable discussions by both sides.

Then in July, all hell broke loose when a large group of Christian conservatives blasted into the room and were so unruly that one had to be removed from the meeting and the meeting postponed.

Earlier this week, the Committee heard public testimony amid greatly increased security and voted 3 to 2 to move the issue out of committee and recommend it for passage to the full board.

The swing vote on the committee said, "Well, after hearing testimony on both sides of this issue, I have finally made a decision and based on the testimony of the opposition, I've been swayed to vote for this measure."

I want to congratulate all the people who worked on this from the MPS School Board members who championed the cause with their colleagues to Center Advocates to the ACLU of WI and all the other non-profits out there who work on behalf of equality in Wisconsin and especially to the students and parents of MPS students who came out and stood up for equality for those who work so hard to provide them with knowledge.

I even want to thank the zealots whose angry opposition was the deciding factor in getting this out of committee. LOL!

It's a great night for equality in Milwaukee!

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